Indie Roller Manifesto

To champion an independent way of life through creative business and community.

Indie Roller is a myth busting, truth telling, secret sharing open space.

We exist to lift the indie community higher.

Don’t ride this rollercoaster alone!

Our community is a myth busting, secret sharing and truth telling space where we work together to lift every creative member higher.

Indie Roller Membership in 2020

Suitable for businesses at all stages – whether they’re still a dream or already up and running!

The Indie Roller Membership in 2020 is available for a one-off payment of £47.

You’ll receive:

  1. The Indie Roller E-book – 40k word small business bible.
  2. A 7-part online course delivered to your inbox.
  3. Monthly Masterclasses and Q&As with Industry Experts delivered to your inbox.
  4. An invitation to our vibrant this-is-the-only-reason-I-use-Facebook community.
  5. Quarterly meet-ups around the UK.

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