A Magical Space to Work ‘ON’ Your Indie Biz.

Indie Roller is a fun-zone for independent business owners in the creative industries.

We offer training, community, coaching and selling opportunities within our super fun membership where you can level up your biz game without zapping your creativity.

Our motto is #collaborationovercomparison and we encourage our members to come together to banish self-doubt, imposter syndrome and the fear of failure.

If you want to make money from the creative ideas in your head and you feel alone trying to make it happen – join us!

Join the Indie Roller Membership

Enrolment opens again on 27th May 2021 for 48 hours.

Upon enrolment, you have immediate access to…

⚡️ Uploading your very own page to Indieconomy – our brand new membership directory.

⚡️ Take part in our online shopping events for free.

⚡️ Dive into 10 training sessions that will create the foundation of your business for many years to come including game-changing financial resources to nail your profit and pricing.

⚡️Download the Indie Roller Handbook and a 40 page Roller Map – our rainbow version of a business plan.

⚡️Do the Digital Bootcamp to revitalise your relationship with Instagram and learn how to recycle your content across channels to create a marketing plan.

YESSSSSSSS! Be GONE imposter syndrome! Let’s do this!

Join us!