Riding the Rollercoaster

We understand your life as a creative business owner.

You want to feel in control and secure in your business. You want to know that all the effort you’re putting in will be worth it. You’d like to utilise your time more effectively, reach a wider audience, create more sales and make a consistent income with reliable revenue.

We help you do this from the ground up so you have a solid foundation to work from.

Our mission is to help creatives grow sustainable businesses free from comparison, imposter syndrome and burn out.

We give you the tools and specific strategy to stay in your own lane, protect your energy and create what you want to see in the world.

Yes there will be ups and downs – the rollercoaster rides regardless – but within Indie Roller you will have community and a solid plan based on human psychology to be successful.

We have a straight-forward, no nonsense approach

Every Monday, our founder Leona, shares a 3 minute insight into the inboxes of creative business owners around the world. We can help you reduce overwhelm, get unstuck and start making your business work the way you want it to.

Yes please!

Inside the Indie Roller Membership

Membership is currently closed and will re-open on 18th March 2022 for 72 hours.

In the mean time,  here’s how Indie Roller has helped some of our members recently…

  • Chelsey Bricknell
    Cotton Candy Caboodle

    Going from zero business knowledge to having a whole course of different aspects of business right at my fingertips 24/7 is priceless.

  • Olivia Moon

    Oh my goodness, it has just been a life raft for me. I'm not sure I could attribute one single win to being in the membership, it's just shaped my business and who I am over the past two years. Being a member has made me confident, feel part of something and has helped me navigate being a new mum with a new business - connecting with members has helped me to stay connected to myself.

  • Sarah Morrison
    Lewisian Nice

    Indie Roller helped me finally realise it's OK to go at my own pace and helped me step put of my comfort zone to "feel the fear and do it anyway".

  • Marcia Wilson
    Fizz & Giggles

    It’s helped me plan for events such as Christmas and launch wholesale.

  • Rachael Lowenna Farrar
    Lowenna Designs

    It helped grow my confidence with my business and make me feel that even when things went wrong I could keep going and learn from those mistakes. My biggest win is to continue growing my business, and that through the membership I have learnt to implement sales strategies and focus outside of social media.

  • The courage to apply for Not On The High Street as another income stream, and to put up my prices.

  • Pay myself monthly.

  • Help with understanding how wholesale worked and setting it up. I now have two stockists. Also giving me the courage to realise that I could turn my business into something so I could step away from teaching.

  • Emma Jamieson
    Dolly Shots!

    Encouraging me to take my business seriously and develop the confidence to negotiate time off work to dedicate properly to my business in the hope of growing it next year.

  • Shannon Reed
    Mockingbird Makes

    Having a community that really gets it, that is incredibly generous and uplifting. Leona has done, and is continuing to do, the emotional, mental and social work to make this a leading community.

  • Charlotte fiddy
    Happy Sunshine Studio

    Indie Roller gave me the courage to restart my business.

  • Being part of a community, taking myself seriously, being given tools to make stuff happen!

  • Léonie Flower
    Léonie Flower Studio

    Definitely helped me launch my clothing line.

  • I’ve not long joined but it’s helping me to really focus on building the foundations of my business and finding the joy in doing what I love.

  • Lucy field
    Memories Mapped

    Having the confidence to go for things. Launching products I've been delaying but also having the confidence in myself to know if it fails its not personal.

  • Figuring out the best ways for me to sell my creations, how to successfully market online and how to approach wholesalers.

  • Maya Doyle

    Confidence and support in putting more time into my business alongside my day job. The support of seeing others go through the same struggles and inspiration to keep going even when quitting seems easier.

  • Elspeth Rodden
    The Wiggly Stick

    Motivation to just get on with it instead of procrastinating.

  • Indie Roller helped me get ready for wholesale, improve my email marketing and focus on how to grow my business.
    Biggest win has been creating my wholesale catalogue and price list.

  • That it's not a race, and it's ok to work at my own pace.

  • Lizzi Flaherty
    Harriett & Evelynn

    Finding a supportive community who genuinely want to help and support each other. I see success everywhere in the group and people making good money in their business.