Indie Roller Annual Membership 2020

Indie Roller Manifesto

To champion an independent way of life through creative business and community.

Indie Roller is a myth busting, truth telling, secret sharing open space.

We exist to lift the indie community higher.

Don’t ride this rollercoaster alone!

Our community is a myth busting, secret sharing and truth telling space where we work together to lift every creative member higher. There are several ways you can get involved…

Indie Roller Annual Membership

Suitable for businesses at all stages – whether they’re still a dream or already up and running!

The Indie Roller Annual Membership is available for a one-off payment of £29 as a Kickstarter reward in October 2019.

By backing our Kickstarter, you get ALL of the following rewards:

  1. The Indie Roller Handbook
  2. A 7-part online course
  3. Membership to our Facebook community
  4. Quarterly meet-ups around the UK

Back the Kickstarter

Make It Happen Accountability Subscription Group

You know what your business stands for, it’s financially viable and you’re ready to action the plan.

The vision for the Make It Happen subscription group is to empower and inspire you to play by your own rules!

This is an optional graduate group for those who are in the Indie Roller Annual Membership who want to be part of a smaller accountability group.

Applications for membership will open in March & September 2020.

Make it Happen

Mastermind Groups

Mastermind groups transform your business.

Every 2 weeks, you’ll participate in a 90 minute coaching and mentoring session led by Leona.

Register your interest for an upcoming mastermind group and Leona will email you with more information.

Mastermind Groups

1:1 with Leona

Leona’s unique blend of coaching and mentoring skills are offered on a one to one basis for businesses who want to evolve what they do.

Get in touch to arrange.