Indie Roller Manifesto

To champion an independent way of life through creative business and community.

Indie Roller is a myth busting, truth telling, secret sharing open space.

We exist to lift the indie community higher.

Make It Happen Membership Group

Ready to take your Indie Biz to the next level?

The vision for the Make It Happen membership group is to empower and inspire you to play by your own rules!

  • 'Becoming a part of this group has been nothing short of wonderful. Whether I need support from a group of gorgeous biz-owners who totally get it, a bank of resources to take my biz to the next level or just a place to shout about exciting or shitty things, it’s all here in Make It Happen. Leona’s support is truly all-encompassing: she reminds us when to be gentle with ourselves and when to just go for it, but, most importantly, she always makes us feel heard.'

  • Becca Mapp
    Silly Panda

    'I can honestly say that Make It Happen has changed my life. My business was doing well, but Leona gave me the push to try out new things, to break the mould and to actually be myself and be vulnerable in front of my customers. The live chats have been revolutionary, I have notepads full of ideas that I may have previously dismissed if I hadn't been given the confidence to act because of the group. I'm feeling so positive for the future and wouldn't be where I am now if it wasn't for Leona and her fantastic group.'

  • Dulcimer Draws
    Sketch Appeal

    'I've been part of the Make It Happen from Day 1 and it's been an invaluable source of support, inspiration and information in the year that I quit my full time job to launch Sketch Appeal! It was a scary move, but the Indie Roller group has helped me to stay focused and motivated. Leona is open-hearted, straight-talking and most importantly, she knows her shit!'

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