7 Ideas to Bring Ease & Fun into Your Biz During Lockdown

Quick wins, simplifying and writing a troublemakers list.

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Posted on 27th January 2021

On a whim last night I emailed my list to say I was hopping on a rare evening Instagram live for a ramble chat about getting through Lockdown 3 whilst running a small business. I’ve had lots of ideas rattling around in my bonce and felt compelled to share. You can watch the full vid here or scan 7 of the tips here…

Optimise your photo storage

How many photos do you have on your phone? On my Instagram live last night, one person said 34,000!! It’s exhausting looking through all your photos every time you need an image for social media isn’t it. When you’re next flaked out on the sofa download Dropbox, OneDrive or Gdrive to your phone for free and start moving your best biz photos across to a totally separate app. This is gonna make your life so much easier the next time you wanna post to Insta.

Start recycling

Whilst we’re on the subject of the ‘gram, please can you recycle your photos. I know so many creatives that think once they’ve posted a photo they can’t use it again. You can. No one remembers!

Do a Flash Sale

There’s nothing like a quick feel good pick-me-up than doing an off-the-cuff flash sale! Have a dig about in your cupboard/room/drawer of doom and see what you can rustle up. Take snaps on your phone and upload to Stories or your website and send an e-mail out. It’s ‘fastest fingers first’ time. Customers love it, you’ll clear some space and have some cash in the bank to invest in your next project!

Make Less Products

Feels counter-intuitive I know. But if you’re feeling overwhelmed then scaling back the amount of products you make and focusing on creating more of your best sellers is a smart move. The first dead weight to get rid of are products with a crap profit margin. The next ones in the skip are products you don’t enjoy making. Life is too short to be making products you don’t want to make. Bye bye. Now you can focus on the products that light you up which will create that magical energy that helps you authentically market and sell.

Curate Product Gift Sets

Group products together to increase your customers average order spend and create a more desirable offering. Products look more fun grouped together in photos and will lend themselves to the ‘treat yo’self’ feeling we all have in 2021.

Plot Your Launches

The easiest way I plan for all my businesses is to create a basic framework for the year by plotting out launch dates. Commit to three dates on your wall planner / in your diary that you will launch something. Be led by the seasons or any major dates in your sector. You can then work backwards from those dates to plan it all.

Write a Troublemakers List

Which areas of your biz life are the most chaotic or stressful? Consider your suppliers, products,  perhaps comms with customers. How can you bring ease to these areas? Creating a series of draft responses and keeping in the notes on your phone to cut and paste when needed. Can you switch a material or a detail of a product to make it much easier to manufacture? We’re looking to iron out parts of the business that cause low-level dread.

Let me know in the comments what you’d include in your Troublemakers List and I’ll see if I have a solution or a switch for you.

Take care of yourselves. You’re doing a blummin’ ACE job.

Keep going!

4 thoughts on “7 Ideas to Bring Ease & Fun into Your Biz During Lockdown

  1. Great tips to have a think about. Thanks Leona 🙂 xXx Amy

  2. I loved the tips. Especially the photo saving one. I have a lot on my phone too including personal images. It is such a hard task to find the one I need when I am rushing.
    Thank you,

  3. Thanks for the tips! They lifted me up just reading them 🙂 on my troublemakers list I have packaging…. I want it to be special as I sell jewellery, but I can take me up to half an hour from start to finish! 😅 ridiculous I know. Thank you!xx

  4. Love these tips thank you – I really need to sort my photos for ease – I keep filling dropbox so a good sort out in required!
    My trouble maker is also packaging – I need to address cost and time!
    G x

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