A Joyful Start 2024

Ease into a new year with creativity and fun!

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Posted on 15th December 2023

Calling all product-based creative business owners who sell online.

Do you tend to feel a bit burnt out after Christmas?

You’re not alone. ❤️

Whilst a new year is exciting you can feel overwhelmed by all the possibilities and let’s face it a bit knackered still.

I see this happening in our community each year so in 2024 I’m offering something to help you.

Pop 15th to 19th January 2024 onto your work calendars for the first ever Indie Roller online summit.

It’s called #AJoyfulStart2024

I’ve gathered together a dozen of the most incredible humans to help you ease into a new year with creativity and fun.

The summit will be delivered directly to your inboxes so you can take part at a time that works for you.

I’ll help you decide which sessions to tune into so you can cherry pick what aligns with your goals for the year ahead.

Each session includes three specific steps that are joyful and creative for you to get started in that particular area.

It’s like a springboard into the year that’s gentle yet effective.

All you need to do is join our mailing list HERE to get involved.

I cannot wait. 🥳

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