Adapting Your Indie Biz During Covid-19

If you're considering digital offerings, I'd like to support you!

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Posted on 24th March 2020

In 2017 I closed my product-based biz Lucky Dip Club to experiment with service-based offerings. I wanted to wrap up all my knowledge, skills and experience into a range of digital products to support, educate, demystify and spend time with people who shared the same passions as me.  With Covid-19 unfolding you too might be looking down a similar avenue so you can pivot and adapt your Indie Biz to our emerging new normal.  Perhaps you’d always planned to offer digital products but hadn’t found the time to do it – could that time be now?

I would LOVE to support a committed group of Indie Biz owners who are looking to embrace their values and skill set whilst adapting their product range to keep their business going. This isn’t a prepared course or group, I’m simply thinking on my feet to utilise my skills the best way I can during this unknown and upsetting time.

For full transparency, I won’t be charging a fee but will offer some kind of pay-what-you-can once we’ve found our feet and you’ve started to see some results from the changes.  I want to support you to adapt in a positive, like-minded and action-orientated environment and for Indie Biz to continue to be a source of light and joy in this world.

If you’re interested and would like to find out more please register your interest HERE.

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