Build A Business Without Burn Out

How many roles do you work in your creative business?

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Posted on 16th December 2021

Are you the head designer, maker, head of marketing, sales manager, social media manager, head of logistics, customer service representative, photographer, copywriter, packing assistant, admin assistant, book keeper, videographer, wholesale manager, business manager, graphic designer, financial planner, data entry clerk, community manager… the list goes on.

I know you feel spread pretty thin right now.

It’s no surprise really is it.

I quit two successful businesses because I was so burnt out.

I know many businesses that closed their doors this year because they felt they couldn’t make it work.

When our energy levels are zapped the path ahead fogs up.

Decisions take longer, procrastination increases, our self-doubt grows and the business doesn’t build the way we want it to.

It’s my mission in 2022 to teach our industry that there’s another way.


I would have laughed at this very idea back in 2015.

But, it’s true.

Mark 7th January at 11am in your new 2022 calendar and join me for a FREE webinar that will show you the exact changes that need to happen. Together on Zoom we’ll create your plan for 2022. Everyone welcome!

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