Celebrate to Generate Self-Confidence

Notice every little win to see the progress you're making.

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Posted on 3rd December 2021

Do you celebrate in your business?

Thats great to hear.

I’d like to offer some coaching today that can super charge your celebrating so it generates self-confidence.

Self-confidence as a creative business owner is the ability to trust yourself. It’s when you decide that – regardless of the situation – you know you’ll be able to figure it out some way AND you’ll be able to handle any emotion that might arise.

Feels solid doesn’t it.

Something really worth working towards.

Here’s how you do it:

You can generate self-confidence by celebrating the ACTIONS you take regardless of the RESULT.

Every time you DO something in your business, that is a WIN and a STEP TOWARDS SUCCESS.

Notice all the steps you’re taking and tell yourself ‘well done, I’m figuring this out.’

Don’t wait to celebrate until you hit the big obvious milestones. You’ll miss so much along the way and the brain left to its own devices will focus on what’s not working and what’s going wrong.

So celebrate EVERY LITTLE WIN on a regular basis. Don’t apologise, minimise or diminish your efforts. Comparison not useful.

Ask yourself how you FEEL when you celebrate a specific action. Let it sink into your very being so you can start to embody success and believe in yourself.

Celebration isn’t fluffy.

It’s a culture that changes who you are and that’s a creative business owner who is making it work.

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