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How we support and inspire each other in the Indie Roller membership

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Posted on 20th January 2021

A week today, we open the rainbow doors to the Indie Roller membership for 48 hours to welcome in committed business owners who want to feel supported and inspired.

One of the main reasons our members join us is for the community so we have created an uplifting Community Manifesto to increase the impact in your business and minimise digital noise.

Fancy a lil’ sneak peek in the Community Manifesto….

GIF by Indie Roller Ashley Peterson


🎉 Why you’re a Roller 🎉

You are the most important part of your business and you just want a magical behind-the-scenes space where you can find support, feel inspired and be accepted as the unique human being you are.

You’ve chosen to be a Roller because your creativity thrives in a colourful environment that says ‘I’m going to feel the fear and do it anyway’ and encourages you to progress at your own pace towards what success means to you.

Why does this matter? Because we want you to keep going!

Indie Roller started life as a meet-up in 2017 when I was 14 years into running my creative business and I felt lost, lonely and fed up behind the shiny exterior of social media.

Indie Roller is now a curated membership and a playground for you to be amongst YOUR PEOPLE! Together you hone strategy, learn about the magic of mindset and feel comfortable in a space where you can talk about business AND feelings.

Don’t ride this rollercoaster alone!

Virtual high-fives all round!


😍   How do we support and inspire our Roller pals  😍

We uplift our fellow Rollers by sharing experiences and resources, cheerleading and celebrating.

When you feel stuck – we’ve got savvy strategy tips for you!

When your energy is low – we will boost you up!

When you’re totally hyped about that THING that just happened in your biz and you have no-one to tell – we’ll be here to celebrate with you!

When self-doubt is holding you back – we will cheer you on to Eat The Frog.

Whether you want to do The Worm in the middle of the dancefloor or toe tap in your chair on the side. You do you!


Wise words from RuPaul!


💖   The Roller vibe and how that impacts what we do and don’t do 💖

I know that managing business and emotions can be challenging especially when you’re trying to do it alone or in a free Facebook group. Here at Indie Roller we want you to feel seen, heard and taken care of and it’s the place you come to for inspiration and support without drama or judgement.

This manifesto is exactly how we protect and maintain the magical vibe that focuses on helping you move forward whilst feeling safe and supported in this online space.

⚡️ Once you’re a member you can read the rest of the Community Manifesto HERE. ⚡️

“Keep Going” by Indie Roller Nia Marie


If this is feeling like a business space – with like-minded people – that can help you reach your goals, please set your alarm clock

Find out what’s included in the Indie Roller membership HERE and get ready to enrol 27th to 28th January, the link will only go out to our email list. Sign up to the email list HERE.

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