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This is how you create consistent content that saves you time!

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Posted on 19th May 2020

In the first week of the Digital Bootcamp each month we look at the foundations of running an Indie Biz: Mindset, Branding and Visibility.

I mention the term ‘content pillars’ as being part of your essential branding toolkit so you’re prepared and committed to the digital marketing process. I’m not one for dry jargon though so let’s bring that phrase to life and share why it’s a useful strategy.

Content pillars are key themes in your marketing and as an Indie Biz owner you can get started with these three pillars: You, your products and your customers.  You can then chunk down these pillars into smaller pieces of content that you recycle across Instagram, video, blog posts and e-mail marketing.

This could look like:

You > your values, your ‘why’, workspace, skills, experience, joy, challenges, thoughts, feelings, creative projects/hobbies outside of work etc.

Your products > ideas, sketchbook sneak peeks, materials, tools of the trade, sampling, product selection, WIP, collaborations, launching, wrapping, packing, posting, looking back in the ‘archive’, spotlight best sellers etc.

Your customers > styling inspiration, care guides, complementing indie brands, solving their challenges, sharing their photos and testimonials, asking questions, running giveaways as a thank you for their support etc.

Content pillars also enable you to speak directly to your different customer types. For example, Indie Roller has 3 client avatars: Full-time Indie Biz owners, Indie Biz owners with full time jobs and Indie Biz owners with families.  There is obviously some cross over in this as life isn’t this black and white but generally I ensure to share a balance of content that speaks directly to these three groups.  It’s useful for me to recognise the ‘challenges’ that affect all of them which can become core pillars and so far I’ve found out: time, feeling overwhelmed, imposter syndrome and money are challenges that can affect all my potential clients.  Knowing this helps me decide what content to create across my digital marketing and also my products.

I’ve recorded a 10 minute video on YouTube HERE which delves into this topic further and shares examples of content pillars for a jewellery business, a children’s brand and an illustrator.  The examples are useful across all sectors so grab a pen and paper and jot down some ideas whilst you’re listening.

If you have any questions drop them below and for further digital marketing training in a fun and inspiring learning environment for purpose and profit driven businesses sign up to June’s Digital Bootcamp.

2 thoughts on “Content Pillars in Digital Marketing

  1. Hi Leona,

    I have spent the last few hours crawling through your website and I am super happy as I was feeling rather at a loose end.

    After being made redundant I have turned by side hustle into my full-time job, being very much a people person I have been attending lots of markets and found the last few weeks super quiet. I am trying to get savvier with pushing online sales and with all the information out their its hard to pin it down and focus. I can see your half way into your digital course so am probably a bit late to get involved with this.

    But if you could recommend a starting point this would be great.

    I also would love to get involved with your online market too if that’s possible.

    Thank you so much for being positive!


    1. Hello! The Digital Bootcamp will shortly go onto website as a self-paced course – if you sign up to my newsletter I’ll send a link out with an earlybird offer. The applications for our online markets have passed – sorry – but the membership will open up again in January 2021 and deets will also go out to the newsletter in November. Congratulations on starting your biz and so pleased you found us. I record a weekly podcast you might enjoy in the meantime – search ‘indie roller’ on spotify or itunes x

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