Ep. 10: Inevitable Results

A simple approach to guarantee your own results

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Posted on 28th September 2022

In Joyful Selling we offer a simple approach to guaranteeing your own results. The steps are as follows…

How to make your results inevitable:

1, Set revenue goal.

2, Practise creating it every month.

3, Keep going until you create it.

That’s it.

We cut out all the noise and nonsense to laser focus on what will actually keep a business going.

And through these simple steps where we learn to manage our minds, process our emotions and take committed creative action we become an imposter-free business owner who thrives inside and outside of the business.

This is what simple successful creative business looks like.

It’s super fun!

The Joyful Selling for Creative professionals program is open for new members until midday Friday 30th September.

Dive in HERE and let’s make it happen.

Listen to this week’s episode HERE.

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