Ep. 11: Marketing Special *Top of Funnel*

People discovering your work

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Posted on 10th October 2022

I’m not one for jargon but I make an exception when the visual created by it is useful for understanding how a process works.

In this instance I’m a big fan of the marketing ‘funnel’ – picture a funnel that helps you pour liquid into a bottle – it’s larger at the top and narrower at the bottom. This is exactly what happens with your people from the moment they come across your work to the moment of purchase.

Not everyone who discovers your work (top of funnel) will purchase it (bottom of funnel). It’s useful to know this applies to everyone and it’s not personal.

In today’s episode I share three core strategies to encourage new people to eyeball your work because we wanna keep pouring into the funnel – introducing new people to what you do – so your funnel is active.

The three strategies:

1, Actively utilise social media hashtags:

Under 1,000 followers – follow relevant hashtags, engage by authentically liking and commenting, use your own brand hashtag, take part in challenges and chat and get to know folks in your sector. Time block 20 minutes a day to do this. It’s the opposite of ‘mindless’ scrolling.

Over 1,000 followers – all of the above and create your own hashtag to run challenges to build your community and get to know them.


2, In-person events: group shows, markets, exhibitions, craft fairs, art shows etc.

Have a specific plan for meeting people and making it memorable:

LOOK – create an inviting display, make it obvious what you sell.

CONNECT – create a moment to strike up conversation with a demo or something to flick through. Bring the stand to life.

STAY IN TOUCH – create a QR code to join your mailing list and receive a gift.


3, Wholesale / retailers:

Have a specific plan for meeting people and making it memorable:

Does your packaging simply share where you hang out online?

Ask if you can create an in-store or window display.

Host an event or workshop and hand out cards or pass round your QR code.


Print out your Joyful Selling Podcast Playbook to note down the ideas that work for you so you can apply them straight away.

Listen HERE.

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