Ep. 12: Marketing Special *Middle of Funnel*

Generate excitement and build trust

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Posted on 12th October 2022

Once someone has discovered your products and decided to follow or subscribe, they are then in the ‘middle’ of your funnel.

They could be active in that you can see them commenting, liking or sharing or more likely you won’t see them. The latter isn’t the problem that we make it. We pay so much attention to how many likes and comments a piece of content receives but the truth is none of it matters because the engagement on a piece of content does not mean it will result in a sale.

I’d like to offer that the smartest strategy to move forward with is to focus on what you can control: ie. the value of the content you share to create excitement and build trust. Leave your people to get on with their own journey and trust they will buy when they’re ready to buy.

I discuss a few ways to do this in this week’s episode:

1, Social media:

SHARE AS YOU GO: the interest is in the detail – micro-decisions you’re making: material choices, colours, fabrics, sizes, eco-credentials etc

A COUNTDOWN CAMPAIGN: a series of pre-launch and launch posts and emails that can then be recycled for the lifetime of the product.

WHAT’S FUN AND EXCITING RIGHT NOW: spotlighting what’s exciting in your business right now and feeling compelled to share with your people.

2, Email

A regular email, for example: a round-up of the week sharing the nuggets of magic and joy from your creative world and what is shining bright in your orbit. Inspire, educate and add value to your person’s day.

3, Blog

An online creative journal – tie in with Pinterest that is top of funnel and the blog is the landing page which helps your customers get to know your products and the creator behind the products.

Listen HERE.

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