Ep. 13: Marketing Special *Bottom of Funnel*

Being in service to sell and creating fun opportunities

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Posted on 19th October 2022

At the bottom of the marketing funnel are your people who are ready to make their purchase.

I’d like to offer two ways you can support them in this stage of their journey. In this week’s episode I walk through these two philosophies with practical actions you can take.

1, Be in service to help them purchase. Think about a brilliant sales assistant who works in an independent bricks and mortar store – I offer various ways they might show up to serve the person in their shop and how this can be applied online.

2, Create fun opportunities for them to buy. Create simple, easy and quick ways your person can make their purchase. I discuss lots of fun creative ways to do this from IG Stories Sales to gift sets and bundles.

A useful underlying belief to nurture so you can show up in service and create fun opportunities is: Selling is sharing the joy.

Try on this mindset first and then create your sales campaigns from there.

Your people at the bottom of funnel are READY to make their purchase – have fun serving them!

Listen HERE.

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