Ep. 15: Coaching on the Podcast

Wanna eaves drop on a coaching session?

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Posted on 2nd November 2022

Over the next 3 episodes I’m going to try something a little different to help you progress in your marketing, selling and revenue creation.

I’m going to coach 3 members of the Joyful Selling program on the podcast.

I have invited each of them to bring to the session what they are currently stuck on so I can help them move forward with more clarity and ease.

How does the idea of eaves dropping on a coaching session feel?

Pretty exciting, huh?

Of course each of the creative business owners has given their consent to be coached on the podcast and in today’s episode our guest has opted to remain anonymous so we are using a made up name.

We are coaching today on a firmly held belief she has that she doesn’t know how to sell.


Listen HERE.

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