Ep 2: What is Joyful Selling?

And how creatives are perfectly positioned to enjoy selling

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Posted on 30th June 2022

Every few episodes I’m going to teach an authentic marketing and joyful selling tactic.

A tactic is a an action or strategy carefully planned to achieve a specific end.

Before I dive into the nuts and bolts of tactics, I want to share with you why having fun in this area of business is vital to your revenue creation and your wellbeing.

I walk through…

👉 Why we don’t tend to enjoy selling.

👉 How creatives are perfectly positioned to have fun whilst selling.

👉 An example of imaginative selling from my jewellery business that was hugely enjoyable, attracted new customers AND created a lot of revenue for my business.

Don’t forget to download the Joyful Selling Podcast Playbook from my website by joining the mailing list.

It gives you prompts to help you apply the ideas to your specific situation.

It’s unlikely the concept of 6ft cats called Joey and Dee Dee turned into a game and a jewellery collection is what you want to create – but it’s the process of integrating the product creation process WITH marketing and selling in the most super fun way.

I had a blast recording this episode!

Listen HERE.

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