Joyful Selling Clubhouse 2024

Our Rainbow Friday Offer!

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Posted on 6th November 2023


Are you pre-launch or new to running your creative business?

Perhaps you’ve started up in the last year or so or you haven’t been able to spend much time on your business lately so it feels like you’ll be starting over in 2024.

Here at Indie Roller we have set up a Joyful Selling Clubhouse for brilliant newbies like you.

It’s a warm and welcoming space where no question is a stupid question.

You don’t know what you don’t know.

We replace judgement and doubt with curiosity and creativity so you can flourish as an independent business owner and create the sales you deserve at the pace that is right for you.

Inside the clubhouse we keep business simple and fun so stuff gets done.

We enrol 100 new business owners every Rainbow Friday in November ready for the whole 12 months in the year ahead – in this case 2024.

Your favourite new community group will support you on your journey and our team of experts will guide you to market and sell with joy and ease.

This is right for you if…

• You’re pre-launch.

• You’ve already launched but don’t have an ongoing selling strategy.

• You have been in business for a while but you haven’t been able to spend much time in it and you wanna get back into it with renewed focus. Despite the time, you still feel ‘new’.

You prefer to learn and grow in…

• A kind, thoughtful community that you can dip in and out of.

• A no-pressure environment full of simple prompts and quick ideas.

• An easy access online place where you can ask for help and receive ideas.

• A solutions-focused space where you can empower yourself beyond the problem.

• A home for behind-the-scenes problem solving and celebrating with people who get it.

What’s included?

One simple and accessible private Facebook group with:

• Quarterly revenue generating themes to plug in and play with.

• Monthly checklists, prompts and templates to make life easy.

• Weekly accountability and celebration.

• Daily support from peers and experts.

Our word of the year is: VISIBILITY.

Our heartfelt motto: to create more than consume.

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