Ep. 7: Coaching in your Pocket

Prompts to help you start joyfully selling

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Posted on 7th September 2022

It’s my birthday today so I’m talking about the thing I’ve created this year that’s my most favourite and that’s Ask A Coach.

Ask A Coach is an email coaching facility available to all our members so they can receive personalised support direct to their inbox.

Today I share some useful prompts so you can start exploring your business through the Joyful Selling lens.

The prompts I offer are part of a larger prompt sheet going out to Joyful Selling for Creative Professionals program members.  This prompts make it much easier for our members to utilise the Ask A Coach facility to receive personalised coaching direct to their inbox within 24 hours on week days.

Imagine having a coach in your pocket… what would your burning question be?

Listen HERE.

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