Ep. 8: Feeling in Control of Creating Sales

Does selling feel like a fluke?

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Posted on 14th September 2022

When you make a chunk of money in your business does it feel like a fluke that you cannot replicate? Perhaps when you talk about the scenario in which you sold many products you might automatically use the word ‘luck’.

You’re not alone.

This is one of the most common patterns I see in artists and makers when they start working with me in the Joyful Selling for Creative Professionals program.

Sales don’t fall from the sky or come out of thin air and logically you know that.

Yet you haven’t learnt the skill to develop your identity to see yourself as the person who creates the sales.

In today’s episode I’m going to teach you the exact tool we utilise inside the program so you can easily show your brain (and keep showing it) how it is indeed your creativity that creates revenue.

Ownership of the sales process is how you transform from the talented artist/maker you are into a professional business owner. It’s a skill. It’s a practise. You have to learn it and keep doing it.

The magic of a sustainable business is on the other side of this simple process to rinse and repeat.

Listen HERE.

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