Ep. 9: Joyful Selling Success Panel

Four members share their selling success

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Posted on 21st September 2022

Today we are joined by four incredible Joyful Selling program members who talk us through the results they are proud of creating in their businesses.

Jo from Tiny Scenic shares how she has created more time in her business and will launch her website next month after putting it off for two years.

Sam from Childstar Samantha shares the one thought that has created £4k in her wholesale business.

Paulomi from Handmade by Tinni talks us through how she decided she was good enough to apply for (and win) multiple awards this year.

Rosie from Rosie Johnson Illustration shares how she tripled her revenue goal at a festival this Summer and utilised the Get It Done Goal Setting process and the Business Belief Plan.

It was such a joy to chat to these four amazing creative business owners and hear how they are self-coaching and joyfully selling to create the business they want.

And the best news ever…

The Joyful Selling for Creative Professionals program is enrolling new members RIGHT NOW.

Find out more and dive in TODAY.

I look forward to coaching with you!

Listen to this week’s episode HERE.

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