How Can Indie Roller Help My Business Thrive?

A brilliant question that just popped into my inbox!

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Posted on 25th February 2021

At 9am this morning we opened up for new members to join us and when this happens my inbox and DMs come alive with questions and excitement!

One particular email caught my attention with this question: How can Indie Roller help my business thrive? I said ‘Ooooft’ to myself ‘what a brilliant question!’ So much so I’m answering it in blog format. Let’s do this…

There are three key ways the Indie Roller membership can support your business to thrive:

🌈  Foundational Training 🌈

Here’s the thing, we usually dive into these businesses based on a skill or an idea we have and a passion we feel which is amazing. Setting up an Instagram or Facebook and selling to people in our current orbit to get started is relatively easy. So what next? I have spent many years during running Indie Roller discussing this topic, pondering my own experiences and figuring out the key things a budding business owner needs to know. This year I created the Indie Roller Process. This training will set you and your business up for success.  It will shift your mindset, build habits and create systems that your business will thrive from for years to come. Every module is available as a recording within the membership to consume and digest at your own pace. It is never ‘too early’ or ‘too late’ to teach yourself this.

🌈  Community & Coaching 🌈

No business is an island. As human beings driving these businesses we are hard wired for connection. It can get lonely pretty quickly when you’re building a business and all that stuff currently whirring around in your brain – it needs an outlet. We have several containers for this and the first is our thriving community full of peer-to-peer support. I am so proud of this space and how it smashes so many of the ‘old’ business rules. We are not competitors. We share resources, suppliers and experiences with abundance! We come together full of compassion and empathy to lift every single one of us UP and to keep that momentum going. We also offer weekly group coaching sessions run by me and between you and I this is my favourite part of the week. If you can’t join live, submit your questions via Ask a Coach and watch back the recording. Boom!

🌈  Opportunities 🌈

The third Pillar of Thrive within the membership is the opportunities available! We run a multitude of Instagram activities to increase the exposure of our members run by team member Rosie. The Indieconomy Directory is on the brink of launching which will give every member their very own page on the Indie Roller website. This will be where we operate our themed online events which also get going this Springtime. Every opportunity within the membership including online events are free for you to take part in once you’re all signed up!

And this is only the beginning.

I am 100% committed to pouring my heart, soul and hard fought years of Indie Biz experience into Indie Roller.

You. Are. Not. Alone.

It’s me, you and nearly 1,000 Rollers from now on. Let’s do this!

Together we’ll fill this globe with thriving Independent businesses with owners that take care of themselves and each other.

Join us!

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