How to gain clarity and move forward

Decide what you want and why it matters to you

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Posted on 5th December 2021

As a creative business owner your brain will automatically be looking for evidence to support what you’re thinking about your business.

If you’re thinking it’s not working then you will be noticing posts on social media where others are ‘killing it’ and feeling deflated rather than inspired.

If you’re thinking the business is progressing you’ll be noticing signs that back up these thoughts like how your product photos are much better these days or how you’re more organised with packing orders so it takes less time.

You’ll have a mix of these types of thoughts to different degrees each week which is why running a business can feel like an emotional rollercoaster.

A quality question you can ask yourself to focus your thinking in a useful way is: What do I want from my business?

You can remind yourself WHY you’re doing what you’re doing right now.

Why it will all be worth it.

Because it will.

Why your creative business is important to you.

Because it is.

Turn down the chitter chatter in your head whilst you work today and think on purpose about what you want from your business.

Write it out on the biggest sheet of paper you can find or the notes on your phone.

Feel determined and persevere my friend.

Keep going. ⚡️

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