Independent Black Businesses Spotlight: Liv from Cut + Hang

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Posted on 30th July 2020

Hey Liv! Would love to hear about the inspiration behind your business?

My inspiration for my business stems from wanting unique jewellery, unlike anything I can purchase off the shelf. I originally started making earrings because (like many other jewellers) I couldn’t find the earrings that I’d dreamt in my head to go with an outfit. I own a ridiculous number of earrings, but I could never find exactly what I was looking for so this is how Cut and Hang was created. Another inspiration is creativity. My mum is a complete jack of all trades in the creative sense. She is always making things for herself and our family. She’s a hairdresser, cake maker, dog groomer, she makes curtains, clothes and lots of other things. It was inspiring to be around. As a child I used to write stories on old bits of scrap paper and she always drew the art on the cover to match. That kind of creativity spurned me on to want to design and make my own pieces. I get ideas from everything. I love architecture, I love bright bold colours, interior design, lines, patterns – anything that makes me say “wow”! Colour is a big thing for me, especially understanding what colours would work well together.

Can you share your biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge has been wanting everything to happen really quickly. I am naturally a perfectionist and I’m inpatient – two things that aren’t the first thing that springs to mind when you set out to make your own jewellery and sell it. Things do take time and you can’t always get everything right the first time and there has been a lot of trial and error. I always make sure that I wear the jewellery I make before showcasing it to my customers, so I know that it wasn’t just a great idea on paper that doesn’t work in real life.

And how about success?

My biggest success so far has been being contacted by a stylist in the US for pieces for a photoshoot. Not only can I not believe that I now have a following in the US but this particular stylist works with some huge musical artists, so I was absolutely gobsmacked when she requested some of my jewellery. Every day I am truly humbled and grateful that people like what I do and it really is a “pinch me” moment sometimes.

What does your vision for the future look like?

My vision is to just continue to go with the flow and see what happens. I would love to eventually have this as a full time job (who wouldn’t)!  It’s really important to remember that there’s already been so many successes in quite a short amount of time, I want to make sure that I’m enjoying what each day throws at me before jumping off the deep end.

If you could eat only 3 foods for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Crème brûlée – I made a pact to myself a couple of years ago that whenever it’s on the menu, I must have it (haven’t let myself down yet). Bowl of mussels with some bread for dipping and finally, paying homage to my midlands routes – a chippy tea! Chips, battered sausage and curry sauce drizzled over the top.

Check out Cut + Hang on Instagram and and their website.

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