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Curated by Jen Gale, author and podcaster from Sustainable(ish)

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Posted on 26th October 2020

Shopping small for me is all about supporting amazing independent businesses. There’s a brilliant quote by Anna Lappe that I share a lot that says “When we spend money, we’re casting a vote for the kind of world we want”

We can’t all make perfect decisions all the time, but we can all make better decisions more of the time, and if we want a world with vibrant High Sts, and an amazing range of independent makers creating unique items, then supporting them with our ‘vote’ (money) is a really important thing to do. I’ve been blown away by the range of stallholders in the eco-market, and the detail that so many have shared on their websites of not only their policies around the eco credentials of their products and packaging, but also why it’s so important to them. 

Christmas is going to be a bit weird for most of us this year, and like many (most?) we’ll be having a quiet Christmas at home. My husband and I don’t tend to exchange gifts and we’ve managed to scale down our gift list to mainly the kids in the family. For me I guess an independent eco-Christmas isn’t just about the gifts, it’s about the food, the decorations and the experiences we have too.

With my eco hat on I love seeing how many of the independent business community are thinking about and embracing more ethical materials and practices. And I love seeing all the sharing of ideas and information that happens to support each other in doing business in a more planet friendly way. 

Here are my 12 picks from the online Indie Eco Market happening on Thursday 29th October from 7pm to 9pm.

Trend Tonic


Time Flies For Kids




Pocket Clothing


Made by Kelly O




Little Rose


Last Born Daughter


Hellion Toys


Cloudy Lemonade Jewellery


Early Bird Botanical


Audrey & Coco


Browse these 12 super amazing Indie shops alongside nearly 100 more in our  Indie Eco Market.

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