Indie Made by Hand Gift Guide

Curated by Tabara N'Diaye, founder of La Basketry

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Posted on 18th November 2020

Crafting things with your hands has long been a tradition world over. From basket weaving —my personal favourite, of course— to candle making, printing to sewing and everything in between.

I believe handmade items have a special connection between maker, product and buyer. When you buy a handmade item from an artist or small business, you know that it’s been consciously made. Every detail considered and expertly created with love.

The buzz for supporting small has been growing this year, and I intend on keeping that going this Christmas! Everyone benefits when you buy independent — you get something beautiful, and the maker fills up with joy.

It’s truly a wonderful, creative and supportive community to be a part of.

To celebrate the other makers creating beauty every day, I’ve chosen my top 12 from the Indie Made By Hand Mini Market. Shop them all and more on Thursday 19th November, 7-9pm.

Image featured above by Miss Handled


Eila Natural Skincare


Things by Us


Tawking Point


Nie McDee


Once Upon a Dandelion




Miss Handled


Lorna Gilbert Ceramics


Frieda Strachan


Flip Flop Designs


Blenheim Candles


G Designs Artisan Jewellery


Browse these 12 super amazing Indie shops alongside 280 more in our Indie Made By Hand Mini Market.

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