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Introducing a new project to support BIPOC in the creative industries

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Posted on 14th July 2020

Nerrisa Pratt, maker and PR expert, is a familiar in the Indie Roller community and she has recently launched a full-service agency for independent, crafty and creative brands – on page 22 of our current issue!

Today we are delighted to introduce an initiative we’ve been chatting about behind-the-scenes which is very much in its infancy at this stage but it’s important to us to start talking about it with you all so you can help us shape it. The overarching intention is to support independent community-led charities in the creative and craft sector who provide opportunities for BIPOC.

At this stage we imagine the support will be two fold:

1, Fundraising.

2, Creating a platform to partner up charities with Indie Biz owners looking to donate their time and skills.

The video HERE was a live in the Indie Roller Facebook community last week but this isn’t something we want to do behind closed doors. This initiative is wide open for any Indie Biz owner to get involved with.

At the end of the video we decide an anonymous survey feels a good way to get started and it would be AMAZING if you could fill it in HERE.

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