Indie Roller’s First Response to Covid-19

Free Drop-in Round Table Sessions

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Posted on 15th March 2020

Dear Indie Biz friends,

It’s an unsettling time in the world of small business right now and my heart has been warmed seeing the community respond with creativity and compassion.  For most of us the communication will be happening in the online world and I often think it would be nice to sit with a cuppa and chat through ideas and share experiences to inspire a positive mindset and figure out what to do. This is why I’m offering four drop-in online Indie Roller Round Table sessions which are free and open to all.  Here are the deets…



This series of online Indie Roller Round Tables is about offering a digital in-person space to discuss our businesses during the time of the Covid-19 outbreak.  I am open to the conversation going where it needs to go so you can feel better prepared, bounce around ideas and create steps to positively keep going during this unknown time.  Ultimately, it’s about coming together as a peer-to-peer community to support one another, generate ideas, discuss mindset and strategy and inspire positive action.



Wednesday 18th March 10.30am to 11.30am

Friday 20th March 12 noon to 1pm

Tuesday 24th March 10am to 11am

Thursday 26th March 1pm to 2pm


How to join from a desktop or laptop

Click this link to join:


How to join from a handheld device

Download the Zoom app – You don’t need to open an account.

Click ‘Join Meeting’.

Enter the meeting ID: 349054858



It’s your personal choice whether to give Zoom access to your camera or not – I hope some people do otherwise it’s a bit strange for me talking to a screen with no faces.  I’m hoping that creating this space where we can see and hear each other will add a more human dimension to the digital noise we’re all currently experiencing which can sometimes feel de-humanising.



Please give Zoom access to your microphone so you can ask a question when you’re ready and get involved with the discussion.  When you’re not taking part in the discussion please ensure your sound is ‘muted’ and be ready to unmute to chat.  The reason we mute everyone who isn’t chatting is so we can hear clearly who is speaking.


HOW TO ASK A QUESTION during the Round Table

1, Open the chat box by running your cursor over the screen to reveal the bottom toolbar or touch the screen of your handheld device to reveal the bottom toolbar and click the 3 dots on the right to see more of the menu. Then click ‘chat’ and type in your question there. Please also utilise the chat box to chat amongst yourselves whilst the Round Table is running.


2, Click the ‘raise hand’ button which can be found alongside the chat box and I will come to you next and unmute you so you can ask your question/share your experience/chat.


How many can I join? Do I need to book?

You are welcome to join as many as you wish and you don’t need to book. My intention is to make this all as easy as possible so please feel free to drop in at any point throughout. If you join in the discussion in one of the first sessions you could return to a later session to report back and use it as an accountability tool.


Will the sessions be recorded to watch back?

No. To ensure everyone feels as comfortable as possible the sessions will not be recorded. What’s said in an Indie Roller Round Table – stays in an Indie Roller Round Table!


Cuppas at the ready – I look forward to seeing as many faces as possible!

Big love,



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