Indie Wearables Gift Guide – Part One

Curated by Victoria Tojeiro from Join the Pattern Party

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Posted on 12th October 2020

Buying from indie brands has 100% transformed my approach to fashion and how I feel about what I wear. There’s an indie biz out there for every taste, and the best part about it is that you’re completely freed from trend tyranny and can just buy what you genuinely love. Jewellery was a massive gateway for me in that sense, as I’ve never really felt comfortable with ‘traditional’ jewellery, but once I discovered so many amazing makers creating pieces from resin, clay, fibre wrapping and acrylic I was completely hooked and am now a total earring-a-holic. Getting dressed is so much more fun than it was in my 20s, and I’ve never felt more like myself than I do now. That feeling is what gives me the confidence to step out of my house daily in colourful vintage prints, statement earrings and a massive bow on my head.

My tips for buying indie are:

Chat to them! Because you’re often buying from companies of just one or two people, they’re often well up for chats on insta which I’d totally recommend if you have literally any questions or are feeling a bit nervy about buying independent. Once you get to know the person behind the makes and the brand it makes it much less scary, and you’ll wonder how you ever bought from faceless, sweatshop corporations! Equally, if there’s something wrong with what you’ve ordered or its taking a while do get in touch (nicely!) because they will only want to help and make it right. That maker just wants you to love what you’ve bought, let them help you.

Be patient: it’s often just one person they might be making your order from scratch so do order in plenty of time. How exciting that you’re getting something made just for you!

Tell ALL your friends and spread the love.

Here are my 12 picks from the Indie Wearables Mini-Market happening on Thursday 15th October form 7pm to 9pm. Including the jewellery making photograph from the brilliant Studio Ides above.

Lou Clark Studio


Far Nearer
Far Nearer


Hip to be Squares


This Threaded Life


The Kitschen Disco


Laura Charley Design


Yuk Fun


Stiwdio Mwclai


Lyndsey Currie


Peculiar Thing


hello DODO


Browse these 12 super amazing Indie shops alongside 300 more in our Indie Wearables Mini-Market Directory.

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