Indie Wearables Gift Guide – Part Two

Curated by Léonie from Join the Pattern Party

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Posted on 13th October 2020

Over the last 7 months, clothes and accessories have taken on a whole new role in my life! I’ve used colour and pattern to cheer myself up more than ever and accessorised to the MAX for all the zoom calls I’ve been on… I rarely wear shoes anymore but I will ALWAYS be wearing a pair of earrings.

I always buy indie jewellery. I honestly don’t think big brands can compete with indie brands in this sector. The originality and variety alone is incredible, let alone the personal touches you get and the knowledge that your money is going somewhere well deserved.

As for clothing, I made a pact to stop buying fast fashion earlier this year and it has been SO much easier than I expected! Indie clothing is still a relatively small industry but it’s growing all the time and there is some AMAZING and cool stuff out there. Not to mention it is so much more sustainable!

Here are my 12 picks from the Indie Wearables Mini-Market happening on Thursday 15th October from 7pm to 9pm.

Julia de Klerk


Imogen Gerard


Tiny Scenic


Studio Dariolina






Hello Terry




Crazy Granny Designs


Fat Pom Poms


Loud Mary


Dakota Rae Rust


Browse these 12 super amazing Indie shops alongside 300 more in our Indie Wearables Mini-Market Directory.

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