Lunch Money Episode 3 with the Confidence Cocoon

Press pause when you feel in panic mode with your pricing

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Posted on 23rd June 2020

In this week’s episode of lunch money we are joined by certified Cognitive Behavioural Coach and NLP Master Practitioner on a mission to support women and girls to step into their power: Bianca Chappell from The Confidence Cocoon.

Bianca talks us through how pricing our products as creative business owners is probably not in our Zone of Genius so it WILL feel difficult and that’s OK. Knowing this is a usual thing and happens to most off us will make the process easier because it’s the same for most people – it’s not something you specifically are doing wrong. We then delve into the process of pausing to reflect, evaluate and price from a place of logical strategy.

If you struggle with your pricing and find yourself avoiding thinking about it then our 25 minute conversation will support you with some actionable ideas to start viewing the process from a different calmer perspective.

Watch HERE. Enjoy!

I then recommend hopping across to Bianca’s The Confidence Cocoon podcast to listen to her first three episodes which focus on authenticity, emotions and anxiety.

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