Lunch Money – Episode One: How to Make Money on Thortful

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Posted on 2nd June 2020

Every Monday at 1pm I’ll be going live with a guest – or sometimes solo – to talk about money. My heart is in my mouth as I type this but I also realise it’s one of the important missing pieces of the puzzle where Indie Roller content is concerned. I’ve successfully run many creative businesses over the years and regularly have a 6 figure annual turnover yet I don’t talk about it. Until now.

A HUGE thank you to Niomi from Foggish for joining me on the very first episode where we talk about the third party drop-shipping platform Thortful which specialises in greetings cards. Niomi openly shares her story with us, taking us through her sales figures and honestly revealing how selling on this platform during lockdown at a time when she couldn’t get to the post office has paid her rent.

Watch the 25 minute chat here on IGTV and here are some of the key takeaways…

🌈  There are no upfront costs to setting up an account on Thortful and you can upload your designs free of charge. There’s no catch! Really.

🌈  Use the platform to experiment with to see what sells and what doesn’t.  Don’t give up if something doesn’t sell – take it down, tweak and upload a fresh design.

🌈  Thortful pay you a percentage of sales each month. Watch the video to hear Niomi’s figures and how they’ve grown from last March 2019 through to May 2020.

🌈  Seasonal, trend-based and timely cards sell best especially when combined – Niomi’s best seller is an Ab Fab birthday card.

🌈  Use the platform to work out which designs to invest in, in terms of buying stock for other Marketplaces.

🌈  Create a variety of revenue streams like this to create stability in your Indie Biz. Be prepared to activate the bottom of your sales funnel with your digital marketing – if you’re unsure what this means come and join us in a Digital Bootcamp one month!

So if you’re short on time and have designs you can tweak to be relevant for this platform why not test it out for yourself?

Check out Foggish on Thorftul HERE.

An Insta Story shared after the live this week said: “Inspiring lunchtime live from @indie_roller and @fogg.ish today! So grateful to everyone who shares their wisdom like this!”


Join my next Monday 8th June at 1pm on Instagram where I’ll be sharing my experiences with value-based pricing vs cost-plus pricing technique.

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