Planning to overdeliver, is planning to succeed

Overdelivering to your customers and why it matters.

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Posted on 10th December 2021

An Indie Roller member commented this on a thread last week and I felt a burst of pride and accomplishment.

I think about how I can overdeliver to my customers on a regular basis.

It’s a key business philosophy that has helped me build a very large customer base over the years.

In my first jewellery biz we made little freebie heart necklaces to pop in with orders as a surprise. We created a sticker that said ‘free gift’ to show our customers they were valued and to delight them upon opening their order.

I wouldn’t quite do it this way – 15 years later – in case they didn’t want it and waste was created. But you get the idea!

In my subscription box business we designed zines that went out in every box. Subscribers would tell us they looked forward to every issue. It wasn’t part of the product range each month just a cherry on top.

And that’s what overdelivery is – the cherry on top. 🍒

Delivering what your customers want to a high standard and then going that extra mile to make it memorable.

That’s how to create a brand that stands out and a business that cares so it’s customers feel valued.

This is how we can easily trump the high street and mass consumerism. We can excel at creating value that matters in the creative business industry.

So please never think you have to sell your products cheaply to make sales, focus on creating VALUE instead.

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