The Indie Biz Iceberg

A coaching model adapted by Indie Roller for Indie Biz owners

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Posted on 20th April 2020

I shared this project that Colette from The Paper Lobster and I have been working on over on Instagram and wasn’t quite prepared for the huge positive response.  I’m absolutely delighted because I’ve been wanting to adapt some coaching models and perhaps create a few new ones for Indie Roller since I did my coaches training at Animas in 2018.  The iceberg model is one of my favourites because it so clearly illustrates our internal world vs external word and this one is geared towards the world of a creative small business owner.

Our beliefs, values, thoughts and emotions are what sit beneath our behaviours and results. Yet it’s only the tip of the iceberg – the ‘success’ – that people see and not all the hard work, disappointment, goals, rejections, focus, perseverance, self-doubt, experimentation, fear, difficult conversations, sleepless nights and growth mindset that people don’t see along with a zillion more feelings and thoughts.  It can feel noisy and exhausting sometimes but seeing it like this makes me feel less alone and how it’s a complicated and emotional process even when it’s just business. It’s not just business though is it!?! We’re human beings and our Indie Biz often represents our hopes and dreams. That shit is real.

We are sending this out as a free downloadable screensaver for phones and desktops in the Spark newsletter this week. If you are already signed up then it will land in your inbox on Wednesday. If you’re not signed up then scroll to the bottom of this page to do so.

We’ll also open a pre-order up on the same day if you’d like to purchase this as an A4 print which wasn’t the original intention but so many people requested it on Instagram, Yay!

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