The Indie Biz Plan

For people who don't usually like business plans but want clarity

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Posted on 10th January 2020

Not everyone likes a business plan, so that’s why I’ve set out to create a rainbow-hued version that’s aimed at companies of one who would like to clarify their goals and put a plan in place to realise them.

It’s by no means a blueprint for all Indie Biz owners but merely a series of thinking points you might want to work through, like a roadmap. It’s a whopping 40 pages so don’t put yourself under pressure to complete it all in one sitting – it’s more of a constant companion that’s on-hand when you’re unsure what to work on or which direction to take.

When I started Lady Luck Rules OK I completed a business plan template from the job centre and went on to create a thriving 6-figure business that went far beyond my wildest dreams. I didn’t have all the answers and I didn’t really know what I was doing but I took my best possible guess and wrote it all out which helped me feel more confident because I had direction and purpose.

In our Indie Biz Plan I’ve included ‘wellness’ sections like working through self-doubt, pin pointing time drains, honing values and creating business boundaries alongside the traditional elements such as financials, goal setting and SWOT analysis.

We have two versions available:

– An interactive pdf to complete on your screen, download and open via Acrobat Reader or similar to complete.

– A printable version, download to print out.

Cherry pick the parts that speak to you and have fun with it. Utilise the tips and ideas in the Indie Roller Handbook and the hour long Masterclass video which has been emailed to all members where I share my screen to show how I’m completing mine.

For a sneak peek inside, scroll through my Biz Plan Story’s Highlight here.

And remember… Indie Roller is all about working at YOUR pace. Enjoy!

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