The Indie Roller Podcast has landed

And what I've learnt about myself and the medium of podcasting so far

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Posted on 29th January 2020

I’m totally psyched to let you all know that the Indie Roller Podcast is finally out into the world. Woohoo. I’m still waiting for it to be listed on Apple iTunes but you can listen HERE in the meantime.

What I’ve learnt about myself during this process:

1, I still dislike technology and the fear of not being able to figure tech stuff out delays me getting started (sometimes by years) but once I get going it’s not that hard – Google/YouTube/Facebook groups cover most things.

2, It’s OK to reach out and ask for help. A huge thank you to Indie Biz pal Therese for recommending Podbean to host from and Zencastr to record through. I’m so pleased I dived into your DMs and I’ll be just as generous passing the information on.

3, Finding the balance between saying what I truly think without feeling ‘preachy’ is going to be a learning process. I have strong opinions but opinions aren’t facts so I wouldn’t want someone to hear what I’ve got to say and think that was the only way. Indie Biz thrives though individuality so I hope to find a way to present ideas and experiences that inspire our listeners to do their own thing.

4, My ‘ums’ and ‘ers’ and other word ticks are driving me MAD at the moment but I know through practise I’ll find my flow and it’ll feel more natural. Accepting the fact I’ll be a bit crap at first but not letting that hold me back is how I’ve got it done.

5, Being kind to myself, whilst I be a bit crap, has been a GAMECHANGER.

What I’ve learnt about podcasting:

1, It takes a certain level of organisation and preparation before each episode. Note to self: don’t schedule in four recordings a day with no room to breathe/prepare inbetween. Opportunities could be missed.

2, When I launched my podcast ‘Memoirs of an Indie Biz Owner’ last year which I abandoned after 6 episodes, I was using a lot of equipment that isn’t necessary. Today I’m keeping it simple with my earbud earphones but remember to not let clothing or hair rustle against the microphone.

3, Have go-to talking points noted somewhere close to hand if your mind goes blank whilst recording.

4, Talk from the heart and be real. In these first 12 episodes I have moments where I lose myself in the topic and really enjoy working stuff out with my guest. I don’t have to know everything – the golden nuggets are sometimes unearthed through curiosity.

5, Relax. Don’t be afraid of pauses and short silences from time to time.

I hope you enjoy the first 12 episodes and I’ll send you all a link to iTunes when it’s ready too so you can listen along when we go weekly from 5th February 2020.

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