The #indieroller Instagram Challenge

Wow what a fun 7 days of Indie Biz fun!

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Posted on 13th July 2020

Last week I ran the Indie Roller Instagram Challenge which I had written for the Indie Roller Handbook. If I’m being honest, I’d built up a bit of fear around actually running the challenge with the worry thought – ‘What if no-one gets involved?’ – which I’m pretty sure is a relatable feeling in the Indie Biz world. So when papercutting artist Charlotte Trimm posted about it in our Coaching Club Facebook group and a few others in that group were keen, this was my opportunity to EAT THE FROG and go for it. Even if no-one else was interested, the Coaching Club members and I could have a fun week working through the prompts!

As with most of our fears, the worst case scenario didn’t come true because I committed to doing it and amplified my visibility in the run up to it. I created a variety of shareable slides in different colourways to promote the challenge as a whole. I also create prompt slides with some suggestions to inspire Indie Biz owners if they felt stuck with what to post. I shared all over the show from Instagram to Facebook groups to my mailing list.

I enjoyed taking part in the prompts myself and shared up to 100 posts in my Stories each day. I absolutely loved reading all the stories and witnessing such incredible creativity! By the time the challenge had come to an end we’ve received over 5,000 hits on the hashtag and the Indie Roller Instagram account has welcomed 4,000 new followers. HOLY MACARONI!

On the final day we discussed our visions for the future. Mine for Indie Roller is a crystal clear one and that’s when I run this challenge again in January 2021 that it will include a much more diverse range of businesses including Black and Brown Indie Biz owners, disabled Indie Biz owners and Indie Biz owners from the LGBTQIA community. Indie Roller MUST do better in terms of representation, inclusion and equity and it’s at the forefront of our work moving forward.

To celebrate this bringing together of the community and to welcome our new followers I’m organising two Zoom raves this Thursday at 10am and 8pm. Find out about them HERE and book your slot. Even if you didn’t take part in the challenge please join us and lets harness the collective spirit from the Indie Roller Instagram Challenge. We’ll discuss challenges, obstacles, fears and joy to create ourselves 3 guiding principles to move forward with for an energetic end to 2020.

I also have an exciting array of opportunities to introduce including a call out for the Indie Roller podcast, announcing the Indie Roller Christmas Bootcamp and I’d like to commission articles for the Indie Roller News too. SO EXCITING!

If you missed taking part in the challenge but you’d still like to take part then please grab the prompt slides and enjoy!

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