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Posted on 28th December 2020

In the 3 years since organising a one-off meet up called The Rollercoaster of Running an Independent Business, I’ve learnt first hand what does and doesn’t work in the world of small business communities. Add a dollop of brilliant membership and community training, the employment of a brand new Community Manager and an exciting new Community Manifesto to guide us and we sure have come a long way since 12 of us sat in a room in Covent Garden speaking the truth about what if felt like behind the scenes of our business.

792 of our 2020 members have already decided to keep rollin’ with us and we’ll spend January easing them into the new member portal and social learning Facebook group.

If you’re interested in joining us when we open for new members on 27th January 2021, here’s some of the exciting features our membership includes…

🌈 Live and self-paced (whatever works for you) bite-sized online courses: marketing, money, selling.

🌈 Transformational group coaching sessions.

🌈 Supportive & inspiring online community.

🌈 Online selling opportunities.

🌈 Indieconomy Directory listing.*

🌈 Collaboration hub.

🌈 Indie Roller X Influencers project.

🌈 The new version of the Indie Roller News launching in Q2 – free for members.

PLUS the Roller Map to spark action, ease overwhelm and help members navigate their Indie Roller experience based on their own goals and measures of success.

*In the final quarter of 2020 our online market pages of the Indie Roller website were viewed 167,589 times! Full report coming in January with our plans to help our members increase visibility and sell more in 2021.

Hop onto The Spark list – scroll down to yellow strip – and you’ll receive more deets including how you can expect to feel in our membership and the results you can seek.

Roll on 2021, here’s to a year full of opportunity and Indie Biz joy.

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