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Are brand values the same as our personal values?

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Posted on 14th May 2020

I believe as an Indie Biz owner our personal values are often similar, if not the same, as our brand values.

When I ran my subscription box business Lucky Dip Club I didn’t know what values were but I often felt drawn to sharing a group of mottos: have fun, enjoy the little things, be kind and live colourfully. My Instagram, website, e-mail marketing, packaging and products all lived and breathed these mini mantras – values: fun, kindness, self-expression – and I also did as a person.

The subscription box felt like the business embodiment of my personality and what was important to me in life. The outcome meant: the business was authentic, I could easily connect with my customers who sub-consciously or consciously felt aligned to my values, I felt motivated to do the work, my messaging was consistent which built trust and I enjoyed running the business – most the time!

Lucky Dip Club came to an end when I went through a major life change (became a parent) and I didn’t recognise my shift in core values at the time. That probably played a part in the reason I became disconnected from that business.

My tip when you’re doing values work is to keep an eye on the ‘shoulds’ so you’re not setting values you think ought to be important to you because they won’t do their magic.

I’ve created an Indie Biz version of Start With Why by Simon Sinek, that helps you define your values and bring them through to the practical parts of running your business.

You can download the workbook HERE and also an excerpt from the Indie Roller Handbook that discusses values as part of the branding process HERE.

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  1. I totally did this I struggled with my core values so I found this site that listed a few for some pointers:
    Mine are adventure, possibility and determination. Thanks for helping me find them 🙂

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