The Indie Roller Membership in 2020


Indie Roller is a vibrant community of independent business owners who have chosen to come together to share their experiences, hone their business skills and work towards what success means to each of them.

The membership was brought to life via a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign and now delivers quality, affordable and accessible peer-to-peer business guidance.

The good news is - it's not too late to join the party!

For a one-off payment of £25, you'll receive:

  • A 40,000+ word interactive PDF: “The Indie Roller Handbook”.
  • An online course plus access to all the monthly masterclasses delivered throughout 2020.
  • Gain FREE access to the Indie Roller ONLINE MARKET events in October, November and December.
  • Be a part of a supportive 1,600+ member community.

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The digital Indie Roller Handbook

Are you ready to try something different?

Perhaps you want to get going but you don’t know where to start?

Could your business journey lack clarity?

Are you in a creative slump?

You’d like to shake things up to spark the love again!

I’ve written an easy-to-use book that shares practical strategies and behind-the-scenes stories to inspire you to build a business in a way that makes sense to the rhythm and values of your life. We delve into planning, financials, branding, designing, manufacturing, marketing, selling, suppliers and evolving - all written by and for companies of one.

The Handbook also includes the RAINBOW Reframe to inspire you to reset thought patterns and feel your feelings as a foundation to positively propel you and your business forward. It’s a mindset framework to empower you to bring your work into the world from a place of self belief and self care. When you prioritise yourself within your creative biz journey you can reach your true potential and bloody well enjoy it!

Throughout the book I share the real stories from my 17 years running creative businesses which include jewellery label Lady Luck Rules OK, a vintage website Thrift-ola and subscription box Lucky Dip Club. We are joined along the way by a handful of brilliant Indie Rollers who also share how they are making it happen.

The book ends with an in-depth kick-ass resources section because I don’t believe in keeping contacts a secret. Knowledge is power and this is about lifting the indie collective higher so we all succeed.

You can launch, grow, run and evolve a thriving Indie Biz with the truths and secrets shared in the Indie Roller Handbook.

Your digital copy will be delivered by email upon the purchase of your membership. It will be sent as an Ebook which can be read through E-books on an iPad and also as an interactive PDF. An audio version will also be made available in early February 2020.

The online course to guide you through The RAINBOW Reframe at your own pace

The online course brings to life the RAINBOW Reframe so you can integrate the parts that resonate with you into your business practises.

Both video and audio lessons are available which are no longer than an easily digestible 20 minutes and will be sent via email. Downloadable worksheets and checklists are provided to support you to do the work, build habits and move towards your business vision and measures of success.

The course content includes:

Resilience - The essence of the keep going campaign and building self worth as a business owner.

Authenticity - You do you and learn how to tell your story.

Intention - How preparing for mistakes to happen and defining your purpose is the path to growth.

Nurture - Do less to deepen your impact, reflect to move forward and debunking the overnight success myth.

Boundaries - Actively taking care of yourself to build a long-term business.

Own it - Stop apologising and feel the fear as a springboard for change.

Way forward - You’ll probably never feel ready and that’s OK. The ideal ratio of winging it and planning to enjoy turning your seeds of ideas into a profit and purpose driven business.

The online course will be e-mailed to you over 7 days - a lesson per day - and presented for you to work through at your own pace.

The community – support & sharing with like-minded business owners

Join the lively Indie Roller closed Facebook community to support you to do the work. Our carefully admined group will ensure a high quality of content and sign-posting answers to avoid repetition. Let’s share stories, collaborate and cheerlead one another so no-one feels alone on their creative business journey.

Monthly Masterclasses and Q&As with Industry Experts and experienced Indie Biz owners will be delivered via Facebook live to discuss key areas of the Indie Roller E-book.

All future Masterclasses and Q&As will also be emailed to you throughout 2020 so if you don't use Facebook you won't miss out.

All previous Masterclasses and Q&As will be available to you to access via the 'Announcements' section of the Indie Roller Facebook group.

This Facebook group will be archived at 12 noon 31st December 2020 which means nothing new can be added after this time but you can still access all the incredible content.

The Indie Roller ONLINE MARKET events

Just announced! In October, November and December Indie Roller will host a series of online events via Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

The intention is to spotlight our members to increase visibility and build community so you can sell more and have fun in the final quarter of 2020.

Who is this for?

This is ideal for you if you are:

  • A product-based Indie Biz owner selling via social media, an online marketplace or your own e-commerce website.
  • A service-based Indie Biz owner who is looking for a creative community to connect with for business support and encouragement.
  • Looking to learn in a way which suits you, from people who inspire you.
  • Excited to tap into the power of being a part of a supportive community.
  • Prepared to get vulnerable and share your stories to help others learn from your experiences.

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