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We help creatives...

1, Make money.

2, Feel better.

3, Keep going.

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What's Included

Creative Business Model

We know you're  committed to earning a living through your creativity. You're out there creating, marketing and making money. But you've found yourself in a cycle of productivity that probably isn't sustainable.

You have bursts of getting shit done and then times where you don't get as much done as you'd like. You second guess yourself which causes you to delay getting started on your next move. Momentum dips which leads to avoiding certain tasks like money and forward planning. In the moment, it feels like this is never gonna grow and the fear of failure looms.

We hear you. This is totally normal when you are building a business on your own.

The struggle you're feeling right now isn't down to your capability. You are more than capable. You've got this far haven't you.

Now it's time for a calmer, more balanced and strategic approach.

One that is tried and tested so you can grow a business you're proud of and make the living you want to. One where you take regular action, regular breaks and you create the regular income you desire.

We teach you this in the Creative Business Model.

This is our coaching philosophy that helps you make money, feel better and keep going.



The Indie Roller Process

Follow our business pathway to build a successful creative business.

Module 1 - Foundation: get clear on your values, why, vision, mission and boundaries to create a solid launch pad for long-term business.

Module 2 - Money: Understand how you think about money, learn about profit and how to price your products and recycle existing work to create new revenue streams.

Module 3 - Communication: Master the art of micro-storytelling to market, launch and sell.

Module 4 - Make It Happen: Successful business includes a lot of failure and we teach you how to learn from your mistakes, set goals, plan and play by your own rules.



The Sounding Board

Whilst you're creating your new sustainable business model and working on every day tasks at the same time you might feel overwhelmed.

This is caused by the amount of decisions you are required to make each week that feel out of your comfort zone and the fear of getting it wrong.

So we offer you a weekly space where you can listen to HOW decisions are made so successful business feels doable. You will feel energised to say YES to what you want and NO to what you don't want. This expedites your business growth and creates the magic of momentum.

The anonymous container of The Sounding Board means it's just me, Leona, on screen and one or two members who have put their names forward. You can discuss strategy with your colleagues in the chat box on the live call or listen back to the replay like a podcast.

Each 60 minute weekly session will supply you with straight-forward strategy that is easy for you to replicate for whatever you're working on.

You are much less likely to be frozen by overwhelm.

Instead, you'll be taking the micro-steps each week that compound into the massive action required to create regular income.



Ask A Coach

What if you don’t want to wait a week? You have a burning question that you can't figure out on your own. We’ve got you.

We offer as close to real time help as possible; a trusted coach and advisor to hold your hand the whole way through.

Submit your question and receive a reply direct to your inbox within 24 hours on weekdays.

You can also scroll through the anonymous questions and answers in our Ask A Coach facility which is full of actionable advice and specific strategy for creative business owners.



Supportive Community

You've probably heard this before: surround yourself with a supportive community.

But what you might have experienced is quite the opposite: business Facebook groups that are trying to sell to you or posts appearing in your newsfeed full of blaming and complaining. You won't feel uplifted and compelled to take positive action in your business whilst spending time in these environments.

The Indie Roller community is different which is why it makes a valuable difference to the trajectory of your business.

It's a space where we’re all focused on the same goal of growing our businesses whilst prioritising our mental health. A place where there’s no moaning, politics or family issues. A group where you can go to problem-solve, feel encouraged and it prompts you with useful things to work on. You will learn and grow every time you visit that space.

Our community is a success because it's constrained and focused to the creative business process.



Making It Work

Upon enrolment, your creative business journal will be posted out to you wherever you are in the world.

The opening foundation section provides you with a practical space you can get started with your membership. You can then utilise it to set your Get It Done monthly goal, note down the actions required to accomplish the result and problem-solve challenges.

The daily journal has space for your daily to-dos and mindset work.

Each month wraps up with space to track, celebrate and evaluate.

Your Making It Work journal will become a trusted business tool that clearly shows you the progress you're making.



The Study Vault

The study vault of online courses created by Leona and industry experts that teach wholesale, email marketing, digital marketing, self-confidence, evaluation techniques and more.

New courses are added on a regular basis.

This is for you if...

  • You are committed to creating a successful business.
  • You want to learn and apply the Indie Roller tools to develop your mindset and business skills.
  • You would like to be in an online community to share experience and encourage your creative business colleagues.
  • You are building a profitable business from your values and vision.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to work full time on my business to become a member? No. We welcome committed creative business owners who are looking to work ON their business as well as IN their business.
  • Is the membership for women only? No. We are gender neutral and operate an essential inclusion policy that doesn't discriminate against any human being.
  • Is this membership just for one year? No. It's a rolling subscription which you can cancel at anytime so it's risk free. We do, however, recommend you join with the view to this being a 12 month to 3 year mentorship.
  • I don't use Facebook, will this be a problem? All membership training content and Ask A Coach are accessible through the Indie Roller website and the live Sounding Board sessions are delivered through Zoom. The only part you won't be able to access is the community.