Christmas Confidence Bootcamp

It's OK to mention the C-word here!


I am SO excited to release my first ever Christmas focused online course and community.

As a product-based e-commerce business for 14 years I understand how essential the fourth quarter of each year is for selling, maximising profit, giving the business a brilliant boost going into the following year AND being able to enjoy yourself in the process. If that feels like too much to ask - it really isn’t. I’ve been through far too many exhausting Christmas seasons to now know how to work smarter not harder to maximise the business end of the year whilst feeling calm and prepared.

For anyone who might be thinking this is simply a reason for me to wear my jazzy jumpers in September... how do you know me so well? It's certainly a cherry on top! But in all seriousness, I am driven to offer this course because I know how life changing it can feel going into a pressurised selling season with confidence. So together lets create your personalised Festive Framework and enjoy being part of a supportive online network through the rollercoaster of the Christmas quarter!

For a one-off investment of £147 you'll receive:

  • Four one hour workshops taught live by Leona in September.
  • If you can't join the lessons live, all sessions are recorded.
  • Resources to create your Festive Framework which focus on selling, time and confidence.
  • A close-knit support group in a pop-up Facebook group that will last the entire season from 1st Sept to 31st Dec.
  • Accountability, sales and self-care prompts


Enrol in the Christmas Confidence Bootcamp!

The Live Lessons

Leona will teach four 30 minute workshops at 11am on Wednesdays: 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd September via Zoom. A 30 minute group coaching session will follow directly after the workshop. All sessions are recorded and added to the 'My Courses' section of the Indie Roller website where you can log in to watch back at anytime and access the resources.

The themes for each workshop are to remove the panic and build your confidence with: planning, time, sales and marketing.

  • Identify your needs as a company of one and build a business framework that honours the rhythm of your life - even in the busiest time of the year.
  • Remove the barrier of 'time' being a reason you can't achieve what you want to this Christmas.
  • Hone your financial clarity with sales targets, understanding profit margin and the importance of budgeting.
  • Launch and sell with ease and purpose.
  • Maximise automation in your marketing for consistent visibility.
  • Uncover areas in your business where you can make more money - one of my fave parts!

The Online Community

The pop-up online community will be hosted in a Facebook group and will open on Tuesday 1st September and support you throughout the entire season until 31st December. I have chosen Facebook because there is still nothing quite like the accessibility and functionality of Facebook groups. You can post to the wall, go live on Mondays if you choose to, engage with accountability, sales and self-care prompts and  encourage one another to keep going!

The Resources

A series of resources will be released each week in September which build into creating your own Festive Framework which will empower you to move into the final quarter of the year with confidence. Prompts in our community Facebook group throughout October, November and December will ensure you maximise the use of your framework and it doesn't sit in a drawer and get forgotten about!

Who is this for?

This is ideal for you if you are:

  • A product-based Indie Biz owner with at least one Christmas season under your belt.
  • You sell online via your own e-commerce website, marketplaces and/or online markets.
  • You have 90 minutes each week in September to work on creating your Festive Framework.
  • You are willing to reflect on your last Christmas season as a starting point.
  • You're excited to tap into the power of being part of an online community.
  • The majority of your Christmas products will be designed by September.
  • You're prepared to experiment and try something new.

Enrol in the Christmas Confidence Bootcamp today...

Invest in yourself and your Indie Biz to have the Best. Indie Biz. Christmas. Ever.