You’re ready to enjoy selling and I’m so glad you’re here!

Creating more sales takes less time than you think.

You don't have to spend hours mastering tedious marketing and sales techniques.

It's truly not as complicated as industry types make out.

It's as simple as creating your work, chatting about it and sharing what your people need to know so they can make a confident purchase - whilst focusing on the people who WANT to buy what you sell.

And repeat.

I walk you through each step inside the Joyful Selling for Creative Professionals program.

I help you do it in a way that is fun and engaging for you so it's fun and engaging for them.

I'll tell you everything you need to know and everything you don't need to do...

So that you don't get distracted.

Right now, you're not sure what you should be doing and because your focus is scattered, you results are inconsistent.

And that's OK.

I will help you with what you DO need to know.

I've helped hundreds of creatives to sell products and services to have fun making money.

I've found the most straight-forward and human-centred way to do it.

Enrolment is OPEN until 29th February then closes until 2025

A proven formula at a pace that's right for you.

Inside the program, we remove everything from your to-do list except the most vital steps.

The ones you experience the most confusion about:

1, Revenue
2, Marketing
3, Selling

We help you decide efficiently and get you taking action without FOMO or feeling behind.

The artists, makers, designers, illustrators, vintage sellers, independent retailers, workshop facilitators, subscription box owners, photographers, creative educators and creative entrepreneurs applying the process are enjoying marketing and selling more than ever because they are much more in control of how they make money.

A Values Driven Program

You undoubtedly started your business to create more freedom in your life. When you learn how to creatively sell, free from patriarchal, cultural and generational scripts limiting how business 'should' be done, you create the flexibility you desire. You get to decide, on purpose, what your own ‘rules’ are. Then you play by them, taking action with ease.

Infusing your unique creative personality into your marketing and sales process helps it feel more natural. When you're at ease, you communicate in a much more engaging way and communication is at the heart of selling. It becomes something you actually look forward to doing as it's weaved into your creative process.

It's not necessarily easy to 'just be yourself' in a business capacity so our mindset and emotional tools help you become who you truly are so you create what lights you up. When you do this, you attract like-minded individuals who are drawn to your work and trust is built which is the foundation of successful marketing.

Two things you need to know...

1, Where you are right now, is perfect. You have everything you need to dive in and get going.

2, Your customers are only concerned with enjoying your products.

They aren't thinking about how long you've been doing this for, how many products you've created or whether you have a colour theme for your Insta. They aren't thinking about you. What this means for you is...


So don't let thoughts about not having sold enough, making less money in 2023 than in 2021, being in confusion over your pricing or the fact that you've still not started your website or email marketing stop you.

Start with the Joyful Selling for Creative Professionals program and we will build this business one simple step at a time.

The 7 day Joyful Selling course

When you sign up for the program, you'll receive immediate access to the complete online course and it only takes 7 days to learn the tools once. Once you're in the program, you're in - for life. You get lifetime access, plus all future updates or additional content are added free of charge.

And the program is guaranteed. You either make your £997 investment back, or we give it to you back. It's that simple.

Module one: Revenue Goal
Decide your revenue goal once utilising our simple process and practise creating it every month. Your revenue becomes a neutral fact in your business and isn't about proving who you are in the world.

Module Two: Business Belief Plan
Develop your self-concept as a business owner who enjoys selling. Create sales from the passion you have for your products with a clear plan to serve your best customers.

Module Three: Self-Coaching Model
Learn how to coach yourself to gain clarity, make quicker decisions and work effectively towards your revenue goal whilst taking into account your human experience.

Module Four: Feelings
The shit we didn't get taught at school that should really be at the heart of the curriculum. Learn how to emotionally regulate behind-the-scenes so you don't run, hide or give yourself such a hard time whilst making money in your business. Process and allow the very normal human emotions you will experience along the way. We don't make ourselves wrong for feeling difficult emotions and we learn how to generate pride and joy ahead of time to infuse into our marketing and selling.

Module Five: Connecting
We call marketing 'connecting' in Joyful Selling. Connect with new people to introduce your work, connect with people in your audience so they're not just numbers on a screen and feel connected whilst you market and sell to build authentic trust.

Module Six: Serving
We call selling 'serving' in Joyful Selling. Cultivate a sales process that is part of your creative wheelhouse where you're free to experiment and support your people to make a joyful purchase when it's right for them.

Module Seven: Celebrate and Evaluate
Two practises we embed into our work is evaluating and celebrating to help carve out a path to guide you down. No two creative businesses are the same, so these two tools support you to shape a business culture that delivers what success looks like for you.

The Joyful Selling Playbook

You want to run your business and live your life at the same time - one doesn't go on hold for the other.

Our industry-changing approach supports you to learn and implement this work in 20 minute focus blocks without guilt or urgency.

The exclusive Joyful Selling Playbook is designed so you can personalise it and make it work for you regardless of your circumstances.

We're not going to trigger perfectionist tendencies. Instead we teach imperfect productivity so you can learn by doing.

Our philosophy combines a balanced approach to independent business so you can creatively make money, care for your own wellbeing and spend quality time with your favourite people.

Once you enrol you have immediate access to the Member's Area where you can download your own copy of the Playbook. You can choose a digital copy that you can complete on screen or choose the printable version.

You’re Not Alone

We are actively by your side and support you to stay on track.

Email Coaching

Get 1 to 1 help as you go through this process. Submit coaching and strategy questions 24/7 in our member's area and get individualized coaching, tailored specifically to you as often as you need - send your first request the moment you enrol.

Weekly LIVE coaching

Whether you're getting coached personally or learning from the coaching of others, group coaching is vital in changing belief systems and increasing your marketing and selling skillset. We coach on revenue goal setting and evaluating, pricing, target audience, marketing content, selling strategy, self-confidence and taking action to meet your goal. These calls are packed with value and allow you to connect with a community of creative business owners on the same path as you. Join LIVE every week, watch the replay in our member's area, or listen to past coaching calls on the audio setting like a podcast.

Monthly Strategy Sessions

Join a monthly strategy session on the 1st of the month to write your marketing and selling plan of action for the month ahead. Ask our Joyful Selling instructor questions in the chat box and share your ideas and feedback. Utilise the simple workbook to keep you focused on creating specific action steps that are doable and relevant to create a clear result.

Bonus Courses

Ideal Client Avatar

Knowing WHO you are selling to is the foundation of successful marketing and selling. We know this is an area many creative business owners struggle with and why sales don't grow. We teach the simplest way to create your ICA utilising the latest AI prompts and then how to create a personalised marketing plan for your people in less than 20 minutes.

Coach Yourself

This 3 hour class and workbook walks you through using the Self-Coaching Model. Leona breaks down each component of the self-coaching Model and shows you all the common thought patterns and habits that don't serve creative business owners. Learn exactly what to do to quickly increase your chances of taking action to create a revenue result in your business.

Get It Done Goal Setting Process

If you don't know how long it takes you to write an Instagram post or plan a selling campaign then this time blocking approach will provide a solid framework for you to figure out your timings. Instead of worrying about the time you don't have, you become a trusted guardian of the time you do have.

Email Marketing

In this 2 hour class taught by an industry expert, you'll get started with your email marketing and understand why it's important. Utilise the template and planner to get going with ease.


In this 3 hour class and workbook taught by an industry expert you're walked though getting started with wholesale including exactly how to work out your pricing. Then you'll create your sales materials with a useful order template and move onto building your stockist list and utilising online wholesale marketplaces.

A Confident Christmas

Prepare for a stress-free Christmas season so you can sell confidently and run your business calmly in what is the busiest season for many of our members. We help you super think product ideas, create a strong marketing mindset and selling strategy and put it all together into a success plan.


By popular demand Leona will teach a live Pinterest course that doesn't just get you started it ensures you create sustainable ongoing success with it with minimal time and attention.

Your Investment

This is an important update about the Joyful Selling for Creative Professionals program. At the end of February, I'll be closing the program to new members.

That means, after this month, the doors will shut until January 2025. This isn't goodbye, just a pause. To focus on delivering exceptional results for current members, I'll be taking a break from marketing and welcoming new folks. This way, I can ensure everyone on board experiences the program's full potential and achieves success.

But before the curtains close, I have a special offer for you.

In gratitude for your interest and support, I'm opening up 30 limited spots at a discounted lifetime membership price of just £200.

That's right, lifetime access to the program at a fraction of the usual cost.

This is your chance to unlock the secrets to joyful selling and transform your creative business.

Here's why it works

No matter your personal background, or how long you've been running your business, Joyful Selling will give you the tools to make money as a creative business owner.

That’s because you’ll learn the principles of selling that I’ve developed over the last 19 years selling everything from unicorn necklaces to subscription boxes to online and in-person workshops.

We give you unlimited coaching so that you get every bit of personalized help that you need to excel in applying the materials.

Upon joining us you'll receive short Business Assessment survey so we can accurately recommend where to begin in the program.


  • Helen • Sewing School Founder
    Badger & Bobbins

    From July 2022 to January 2023 I tripled my revenue and I sold out my February dressmaking course in December.

    With the help of the monthly strategy sessions I have started being focussed and systematic about trying things out in my marketing. I start each month with a clear revenue goal and a plan of actions I'm going to take to get me there.

    I feel more connected to my customers and more in control of my business since starting this monthly process. It takes so much pressure off because I have a plan instead of vague ideas and intentions. I am getting better (although there's still room for improvement) at knowing my numbers and tracking where sales are coming from.

    I'm constantly working to improve and that feels so satisfying!

  • Rosie • Illustrator
    Rosie Johnson Illustrates

    Rosie utilised Ask A Coach to help her create £7,603 in a Kickstarter campaign to bring her card game Natter Matters to life. She says “I found the coaching timely, focused and astute. Being asked questions forced me to interrogate my strategy and gave me a clearer path to success as well as actually helping me define what success would look like. I can’t recommend this highly enough. It’s not the sort of advice you can pick up elsewhere as it’s tailored and you know it’s coming from a trusted source. I know it helped me enormously and I’m very grateful.”

  • Chris • Illustrator
    Chris Millard

    In 2022 I supported myself full time through my business and the work that I attracted from clients, commissions and product sales. I more than doubled the revenue I made in print sales, by having the confidence to share more posts, get stocked in a store and engage with potential customers at in-person events. I love being part of the Joyful Selling community with other like minded creatives, sharing in each others experiences and knowing that so many others are feeling the same way and overcoming the same hurdles that I am. I have gained the confidence to unashamedly talk about my work and share what I have to offer with others. I have overcome the mindset that my posts are repetitive, annoying and don't serve my audience and learnt that if I'm having fun in what I'm creating and authentic in what I'm sharing, then that will come through and serve my audience.

  • Kerry • Artist
    New Phase Design

    I am flying. Fully booked with events. 52 wholesale clients. Billing between £3000 and £4000 without events. Our biggest market last year took £2500 in one day. Accountability, planning and coaching my head by using all your advice.

    You once said “create it, own it, talk about it”. I practised this last month over the Valentine’s Day period. I set a target of £100 per day. Seemed like a pie in the sky figure. I created a range, posted visuals and shouted about it. I made £734 in one week. I make jewellery that sells for £8 - £15 - I sold 61 items of jewellery. I was proud. I felt awesome. Your teaching works.

  • Claire • Retailer

    I organised Shiny Happy Christmas: a night full of creative activities with lovely food, drinks and shopping too. We had such a brilliant night and it wouldn’t have happened without your coaching!

    My prevailing thought about myself during the organisation was: 'I can do this'. My thought about the night was: 'It's going to be brilliant!'

    Final revenue created: £1,686.50. I'm proud of myself.

  • Letitia • Artist
    Mrs Bertimus

    I have achieved my set income goal for several months in a row. This approach to my creative business has helped me to create a sense of consistency and direction that has really boosted my confidence and focus. I felt overwhelmed recently so I went to a group coaching session and afterwards I photographed and listed an original painting and it sold within 10 minutes.

  • Colette • Illustrator
    The Paper Lobster

    A direct result of coaching myself to reach out to a celebrity was my t-shirt being worn on lunchtime TV. This resulted in over 200 sales of that one design in less than two months. It is now consistently my best selling product.

  • Ella • Designer
    Miss Ella

    I've just double triple checked this month's revenue numbers as I didn't think they could be right. Above and beyond what I thought I would do and they go over the (in my wildest dreams) number I wrote on a post-it note and stuck to my Mac last month. I realised I'm in a place where I've actually streamlined my process. There is more work to do on that streamlining but in a time of such worry about the future this has really brought confidence!

  • Kiran • Artist & Creative Mentor
    Kiran Patel

    Since joining Joyful Selling I can say that whatever aspects of my business felt foggy and unclear have come into sharper focus and I have gained so much clarity about what actions to take. In the past four months I have launched a set of notebooks, created a deck of art affirmation cards and created an art collection with private access only for art licensing. All of this without overwhelm or procrastination! 

  • Alex • Embroidery Designer
    Elara Embroidery

    I've used the tools from the membership to launch a new embroidery as a kit and pattern. I shared my progress on Instagram and email and self-coached when I felt myself stalling. September is already my best revenue month ever by far.

  • Olli • Designer
    Nido Handmade

    Through self-coaching I realised I wasn’t promoting some of my earrings because they were fiddly to make. So I set the intention ‘I want to sell these earrings’ which helped me feel determined so I changed how I made them and then Etsy approached me to include that listing in their November sale for a chance of being promoted. I updated the listing to the new version of the earrings before the sale, and I've sold loads! I went from creating £0 revenue in 6 months with this product to creating £80 in one week.

  • Jennie • Illustrator
    Jennie Sergeant Illustrations

    My revenue goal in November was £1,000 and I created £1039. I am really proud of myself, actually. The last few months have been really tricky and I have felt like giving up several times. And then this past month, with a plan and the belief in the process, I have been much calmer, methodical and have made more money.’

  • Kim • Visual Artist
    The Grunge Monkey

    With determination from myself and help from Leona in Ask A Coach I have progressed in my business. In October, I took a total of £1551.20 in sales so I am up by £205.18 from last month. I sold 58 items, within that 16 hoodies, 6 up from last month. My plan was to sell more hoodies this month so that is a win. My returning customer rate was 25% of my sales and I am very happy about that. I am most proud of the resilience I have built towards taking action when It felt really uncomfortable. I did still feel all the self doubt but I kept going and focused on the tasks in hand because I want to maintain the same enthusiasm and belief in my products despite whether I sell any or not.

  • Kate • Retailer
    Happy & Glorious

    I'm currently working hard on connecting with every customer that comes through the door. It has felt as if there's so much riding on a perfect experience that I have shied away from talking too much or being too much, and have been too scared to just chat normally and naturally with people! I went into Ask a Coach this week to help model this out and have come away with ten conversation starters that feel natural, relaxed and jolly. Thursdays have statistically been the slowest day in the shop for about a year, but I worked through the conversation starters with my shyest team member, tried them out and together we had our best Thursday of 2023 so far!

  • Michelle • Crochet Designer
    Dora Does

    My revenue goal was £1500 for patterns in November. I created £2197. This was my best month ever for pattern sales. I didn't have a big launch either. Thanks to the coaching, I've now got a spreadsheet to look at the numbers and I also use the evaluation process so I can see how I created the sales.

  • Nona • Jewellery Designer
    Studio Pepita

    At my first market I made £100 and at my most recent market I created £800 and it’s my selling ability that has increased the revenue. As I've done more markets, the confidence I've gotten has allowed me to step into the role of helpful sales person. I no longer feel like just by being at the market, I'm somehow 'forcing' people to buy from me. They want to buy from me, they like my products, and I'm simply here to help them make the right choice.

    I've really tuned into the 'joyful selling' work, serving my customer and using the model when I'm falling into unhelpful thoughts to keep me on the confident, empowered track that helps me to sell in a way that feels good for me.

  • Anne-Marie • Miniaturist
    LTW Miniatures

    80% of my customers are international, so when Royal Mail suspended all international post following a cyber incident, this caused me a big issue, especially as I was about to do a big shop update, which I'd been building up to for weeks.

    I used the models to figure out which thoughts and feelings were helpful and which were not, so I could take quick action to continue serving my customers while managing their expectations around shipping. 

    My shop update went ahead. My international customers were well informed about the situation before they bought and have been very understanding. 

    In the past I would have just felt helpless about circumstances beyond my control and shut everything down. So I am proud that I made more conscious, measured decisions this time, and gave my customers the opportunity to decide for themselves if they still wanted to buy from me.

    I made £450 during the shop update, and they were ALL international!