Make It Happen Membership

Make It Happen exists to boost confidence and spark action.

The movement is led by me, Leona Thrift-ola, and I’m here to walk by your side with a community of over 300 creative Indie Biz owners.

The vision is to empower and inspire you to play by your own rules. To work according to your own unique set of values and learn how to communicate them to your audience. To let go of the ‘right’ way to do something and embrace finding your own way with the willingness to do the work and learn by making your own mistakes.

Support, know-how, inspiring stories, a helping hand to get unstuck and a gentle kick up the bum when you need it.

The self-paced group delivers weekly content via email, live Q&As, challenges, online workshops and a supportive Mighty Networks community. You will have access to The Hub which is full of an incredible array of Indie Biz resources to equip you for the challenges you may face and guide you to grow both personally and professionally.

Are you ready to invest in yourself and make it happen?

  • Laura Bath
    Peg & Board

    'Hands down the best money I’ve spent on my business. My reach on insta is up and I have such a better understanding of the other platforms too and that’s not even the best bit. It’s an absolute pleasure to be a part of. Something money can’t buy is passion and Leona has bags full of that and even more knowledge. My confidence is up 100%.'

  • Gabrielle Godoy
    House of Hooray

    'As small business owners more often than not we are intertwined in our businesses, the group is a very safe space for members to have open and honest conversations and discussions often take a very holistic approach to help members figure out their business journey. This is led by Leona who is a wealth of inspiration and knowledge.'

  • Alison Morris
    Veiled Rebel

    'I made up my mind to join the Make it Happen Membership group really quickly. I knew I wanted to be part of a community led by Leona, who I saw as a special indie biz owner. She has created an inclusive, authentic, very practical group. It feels safe. Somewhere to openly discuss problems and challenges, celebrations and wins. Leona is a fantastic guide and support.'

  • Philip Wykes

    ‘Make it Happen is a place which I find very inspiring. Not only is there tangible advice given on a wide range of subjects, but it is a place which has prompted me to think deeper about my business and my dreams.’

  • 'Being a member of Make It Happen group has opened my eyes to new opportunities, given me confidence to do and try things I’ve not done before and worked alongside an incredibly supportive, welcoming and talented group of indie biz owners.'

  • Lorelai Le Quilliec

    'Being part of Make It Happen last year really helped me through some tough spots in my business and life. It's such a great community and Leona is always so spot on with her advice! She has inspired me to always go with my gut instinct, which has led me to take a month off to explore new creative techniques and materials, with zero guilt!'

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Registration has closed for the Make It Happen Spring '19 community. Please do still submit this form if you are interested in joining us as sometimes spaces become available. Our Autumn '19 community will start on 1st September.

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It's an honour to serve the Indie Biz community and Make It Happen exists to supply all the resources you require to grow both personally and professionally.

The joining fee is £25 and the monthly subscription fee is £25 charged on a rolling basis on the 1st of the month - cancel anytime.