Make It Happen

The Make It Happen Accountability Group

Would you benefit from extra support to action your business plan?

If you’re part of the Indie Roller Annual Membership to lay clearer foundations for bringing your work into the world and would like accountability to action your learnings within a small group of like-minded focused business owners then Make It Happen is for you.

Applications for membership opens twice a year in March & September.

It costs £35 per month and you can pause or cancel at anytime.

Register your interest for 2020

For £35pm, you get:

  • Access to The Hub which is filled with dozens of videos & podcasts focusing on every area of small business from manufacturing to PR.
  • Monthly prompts to take action in your business.
  • Monthly live Q&A with Leona.
  • Mini mentoring sessions.
  • Accountability checklists to do the work.
  • Financial and money mindset resources.
  • Access to a smaller Facebook community.

You’ll get even more digital resources to simplify your life and boost your business:

  • The Indie Roller Business Plan
  • Financial Clarity Flowchart
  • Values & Why Workbook
  • Social Media Seed Sheets
  • How To Launch Script

Who is this for?

This is ideal for you, if you are:

  • An Indie Roller member and you've laid clear foundations for your business.
  • Prepared to work ON your business as well as IN your business.
  • Ready to action your business plan from a place of self-care.
  • Excited to tap into the power of being a part of a supportive community.
  • Prepared to get vulnerable and share your stories to help others learn from your experiences.
  • Kirsty Mason
    Kirsty Mason

    Leona has created something special; it's more than just an amazing group, it's inspired me and given me the confidence to make it happen. Leona's support, advice and amazing video content is second to none. The community she has created is full of amazing indie biz owners who not only give great advice but support each other every step of the way.

  • I love being part of Make it Happen, Leona has created a supportive community filled with confidence-boosting knowledge and friendships.

    Being able to go live with Leona in the group in a mini mentoring session the week before I launched my podcast was really valuable. Launching a podcast was new to me and I felt like I was missing obvious things and stressing out about it all so to talk it through with Leona and get the added support of the group really helped me re-focus and feel more confident ahead of the launch.

  • Becca Mapp
    Silly Panda

    I can honestly say that Make It Happen has changed my life. My business was doing well, but Leona gave me the push to try out new things, to break the mould and to actually be myself and be vulnerable in front of my customers. The live chats have been revolutionary, I have notepads full of ideas that I may have previously dismissed if I hadn't been given the confidence to act because of the group. I'm feeling so positive for the future and wouldn't be where I am now if it wasn't for Leona and her fantastic group.

  • Dulcie Ball
    Sketch Appeal

    I've been part of the Make It Happen from Day 1 and it's been an invaluable source of support, inspiration and information in the year that I quit my full time job to launch Sketch Appeal! It was a scary move, but the Make It Happen group has helped me to stay focused and motivated. Leona is open-hearted, straight-talking and most importantly, she knows her shit!

  • Victoria Tojeiro
    Victoria Draws

    Make It Happen has hugely helped me with the confidence to evolve as an artist and business.

    The way I work, changing my style without fear of alienating current audience etc, Make It Happen has helped me say ‘fuck it’ I’m doing it my way.

  • Ali Lewry-Beale
    Hello DODO

    I’m 8 years in to my business journey and now Make It Happen both inspires and challenges me in ways I completely wasn’t expecting. It’s exciting!!

  • Ebony Newton
    Dotty Black

    I took my chance upon this group to help me gain the tools, support and confidence needed to finally open an Etsy shop. It had been a pipe dream of mine for so long, and I couldn't quite get it up off the ground because life always got in the way. From the focused monthly activity, brilliant downloadable resources, industry expert talks, constant cheerleading and enormous community support from all the other rollers, I have successfully opened my Etsy shop and so far so good!! - WOO HOO!

    What I really hadn't taken into account, however was just how much this group was going to change me as a person. How much focus there would be around looking after myself along the way too. I can’t thank Leona and the Make It Happen gang enough for giving me guidance and unconditional support.