Indie Roller Mastermind

Masterminds are a dynamic way to step outside the day-to-day of running your business and connect with a small focused group of business owners whilst being kept accountable to transform your business.

Our mastermind groups are carefully curated so you’re matched with no more than 4 other business owners in different industries unless you join our specific mastermind for subscription box owners.  Every 2 weeks, you’ll participate in a 90 minute coaching and mentoring session via video call led by Leona.  The 90-day programme costs £300 which can be paid in two instalments.

I'm interested in joining a mastermind

Register your interest for an upcoming mastermind and Leona will email you with more information and available dates.

For £300, you'll receive:

  • 6 x 90 minute sessions via video call led by Leona.
  • A WhatsApp group for ongoing support.
  • A confidential space to go deeper into solving your challenges.
  • Mindset shifts & strategies to transform your business.
  • A clarified plan to take what you've learnt and move forward positively.

Ideal for you, if you are:

  • An established business owner looking for change.
  • Committed and open to trying something different.
  • Available for 90 days of coaching and mentoring calls.
  • Willing to share your learnings and learn from others.
  • Ready to do the work.
  • Gabrielle Godoy
    House of Hooray

    I was so excited to join Leona's mastermind. After 4 years in business I was struggling to find the time or the head space to navigate all the noise we face as Indie businesses.

    Having the space to share exactly where you are and where you want to be in your indie business and receiving advice and support from Leona and the other members of the group was so valuable. It was interesting that we all face similar challenges, listening to the other members discuss their businesses was very insightful and motivational.

    As always Leona keeps it real she is able to see the bigger picture and help you find the direction you want to be going in without adding to the noise. She always seems to know just the right questions to ask to help you reflect on and resolve any issues you maybe having. I feel that now I'm at the end of the sessions I have a clear long term plan on the where I'm taking House of Hooray and I feel pretty confident that I will not be getting distracted by any noise on the way.

  • Rochelle Nevedal
    Quirky Crate

    When Leona contacted me regarding the Subscription Box Mastermind, I knew instantly that I needed to be a part of it. I am so thankful I was, as it has been absolutely transformational for me as not only an entrepreneur but individual as well.

    With Leona's coaching, and years of business experience and knowledge, I now have the ground work to grow my subscription box business, and the knowledge of how to avoid burnout while doing so. Leona created a safe space for us to learn, ask questions (receive brilliant answers), come up with a game plan, connect with other sub box owners, and even cry!

    We all seemed to run into similar issues, and it has been really helpful learning and growing from each other and comforting feeling not so alone out there! Regardless of what stage you are in with starting or running a subscription box, I wholeheartedly recommend!

  • Ruth Oliver
    The Make Arcade

    Running a small and rapidly expanding indie business is all consuming, hard work and overwhelming sometimes. The mastermind
    provided a focused and friendly session where its about me and what I am doing, how I'm feeling and hashing out what I want to achieve.

    Leona's advice is energetic and creative, and provides focused support and a huge wealth of knowledge. Listening to the other members within the group, all working through their own indie biz challenges, is thought provoking and interesting and the notes are plentiful - I finish the session feeling motivated and inspired!

  • Lucy Cheung
    Yuk Fun

    The mastermind group has been fantastic and given us real focus for the future of our business. The feedback, prompts and ideas generated in the sessions have been invaluable.

    At first I was nervous talking with a group of strangers but I've really enjoyed following along with their business journeys and learning from people at different stages. Leona's advice is always insightful and enthusiastically encouraging and pointing out when I'm making excuses 😆.

  • Working with Leona, helped give me real clarity for my business, each session gave me a new ah ha moment! I always felt inspired and refreshed and with oodles of new ideas. Listening to the other businesses challenges was also really useful as some relevant to me. And being part of a small group is really supportive.

  • Kate MacDonald
    The Yay Makers

    Leona's mastermind has been a game changer, the safe space that is created has allowed me to talk openly about my challenges and fears around myself and The YAY Makers.

    I have seen a HUGE difference to how I approach my goals now and can see instant changes. I would highly recommend this if you are looking for advice, experience, direction and honesty. Thank you Leona for guiding and supporting me on my small business journey.

  • I wasn't sure whether to join the mastermind at first. I was kind of feeling 'blah' about my subscription box after a few years and a lot of blood, sweat and tears, I didn't feel like I had anything left to give. Now I'm SO glad I went for it!

    The mastermind gave me motivation to make the club into something that inspires me, instead of bringing stress to my life, and coming to the end of it I have really fallen in love with it again.

    The weekly sessions gave me the accountability that made me face up to issues I've been ignoring and really take control of what the club should be, how it fits in with my life and the other parts of my business.

    Talking to Leona is uplifting, and really helped clarify my thoughts and what I needed to do. Speaking to other members of the group, all at various stages of their business, was useful to see that we are all facing similar things, and reassuring that they can all be overcome.

    All in all, the mastermind has been totally priceless for me. Would thoroughly recommend!

  • Laura Hunter
    I Love Crafty

    Leona's mastermind has been an amazing experience for my business and myself - it's like a therapy session. Discovering new paths and learning with others in different businesses to mine has been so eye opening and insightful. Listening to others issues and helping each other work them out has been truly inspiring.

    My business feels more me, I am in control and I have an exciting plan for my business that I would have never thought about before the mastermind.

    After 10 years of business its so refreshing to get insight and perspective from Leona and her knowledge and success speaks for itself. I've learnt a lot about my business and myself, I would totally recommend it for anyone who has their own business, either wondering what to do next, feeling stuck or want to fall back in love with your work!

  • When I decided I was going to start a subscription box to inspire the best in people I had one person in mind as my reference for a great subscription box company - Leona of Lucky Dip Club. So when I saw her post about running a mastermind for sub box owners I knew I was ready to learn from someone who had been in the game!

    Our mastermind sessions have been great because she has brought together a group of women who despite being at different stages of their businesses constantly support and encourage each other.

    Leona's superpower is the ability to empower people to believe in themselves and their business. If you're looking for someone to support you with honest feedback, someone who has your best interests at heart and somewhere you can just be yourself amongst like-minded people then Leona's mastermind is the place to be.