Indie Roller Membership

Hello and welcome!

You're reading this page because you're an independent business owner who creates products and/or services to sell.

You work predominantly on your own and have discovered that making a living from creativity can be challenging (to say the least!).

You often feel overwhelmed, frustrated, lonely and question if you're capable to do this. It seems like everyone else on the Internet is 'smashing it'. This leads to feeling like an imposter.


But, before we go on, lets clear up your thoughts about capability - you are MORE than capable.

You've got this far haven't you?

Then there comes a time in every life of an Indie Biz owner that you're required to invest in support, training and coaching. That investment will allow you to learn new skill sets and move towards intentional results.

That's what we excel at inside the Indie Roller membership.

You will find a study vault of training, weekly coaching sessions and a wholehearted community that has your back.

Being part of Indie Roller will normalise the 'icky' feelings you're experiencing.

Feeling like you can't do this at times is normal.

You can totally do this.

Taking one focused step at a time is what builds a business.

Our Get It Done goal setting will give you the exact process to plan and follow through.

When you make a mistake the community will support you.

How will this be delivered?

😍  Core training: the Indie Roller Process. Create a solid foundation, learn about money mindset, enjoy marketing and make it happen.

😍  Weekly LIVE coaching session and easy access to replays.

😍  Monthly goal setting and planning session so you get it done.

😍 Self-paced online courses - to fill your knoledge gaps in an easy and straight-forward way.

😍  Indieconomy Directory Listing - your very own page on the Indie Roller website.

😍  Monthly online selling events.

😍  A core Facebook community for peer-to-peer support, encouragement and inspiration. Don't ride this rollercoaster alone!

Enrolment TODAY.

Our Focus


Together we'll explore how shifting perspective and challenging your own limiting beliefs can transform your business. We'll utilise a coaching model within our online spaces to encourage peer-to-peer coaching and self-coaching.


You will be welcomed into a vibrant community of independent business owners who share experience, resources and encouragement. You are not alone!


Indie Roller will become a HUB for collaboration because no Indie Biz is meant to be an island. Creative collaboration in all it's forms will be sparked and guided within the membership.


In 2020, Indie Roller evolved into a platform to support our members to sell and it was a huge success. We will continue to build this part of the membership through a variety of exciting opportunities.

This IS for you if...

  • You are open to exploring your own mindset to transform your business.
  • You are willing to experiment and try something new.
  • You would like to be in an online space to learn and also share resources, experience and encouragement.
  • You want to create a business based on purpose and profit.
  • You would like to shift your relationship with social media in some way.
  • You want to scroll less and create more.

This IS NOT for you if...

  • You don't want to take responsibility for your own outcomes.
  • You only want to rant and/or be judgemental in Facebook groups.
  • You're not 100% committed to trying to make your Indie Biz work in the way that's right for you.
  • You want someone else to tell you exactly what to do.
  • You don't want to explore your values or why you do what you do.
  • You don't want to work on defining your own version of success.
  • Your business is a hobby.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to work full time on my business to become a member? No. We welcome committed Indie Biz owners who are looking to work ON their business as well as IN their business.
  • What is an Indie Biz? An Indie Biz is an independent business in the creative industries.
  • Is this only for product-based businesses? No. We encourage our members to build a brand that operates from a variety of revenue streams.
  • What's the main benefit in joining? Transformation. In the Indie Roller membership you can transform your relationship with your business and that will look different for all our members. We'll support you to set your overarching goal and the steps it will take to get there.
  • Is the membership for women only? No. We are gender neutral and operate an essential inclusion policy that doesn't discriminate against any human being.
  • Is this membership just for 2021? No. It's now a rolling subscription which you can cancel at anytime.
  • I don't use Facebook, will this be a problem? All membership training content and resources are accessible through the Hub on the Indie Roller website and online workshops and group coaching sessions are delivered through Zoom. The only part you won't be able to access is the community.


  • Indie Roller membership has changed my business life completely in the past year. It's given me the tools, the confidence and a fantastic community to share ideas and learn from. I started off riding the indie rollercoaster having a small side hustle, to it now being my full time job, and I'm excited to see just how far it's going to go! Roll on Indie Roller membership 2021! ⭐🌈✌️

  • Indie Roller is AMAZING! – I’ve learned so much about planning and digital strategy, and have already begun implementing my plans! I’m fired up and feel supported and nurtured. Yw’s first year has been fab - even during 2020! I’m building for the future with confidence and a clear vision. I’m forever a Roller!

  • The Indie Roller membership is the greatest investment I have made in my business. From the minutiae of everyday tips to huge lightbulb moments, Leona (and the awesome group members) have allowed me to pinpoint exactly what I want from my business and how much fun it can be working to achieve it.

  • Indie Roller has given me the community and confidence to know that I can be successful and that despite having a physical disability this doesn’t mean I can’t be a boss of my of my own indie business.

  • Despite 2020 being the most stressful year, working with Leona and the Indie Roller community has been the warm, safe place I never knew I needed. Leona understands what it takes to run an independent business inside and out and is not only a cheerleader but a supporter and an advocate of our community. My business has grown and flourished this year despite the adverse economic conditions. I would recommend working with Indie Roller and Leona to anybody looking to give their business and their confidence a boost.

  • Within the Indie Roller community I always feel like there are literally hundreds of hands pushing me along, helping me up or throwing confetti depending on what’s been going on. I’ve never felt as “looked after” as I have this past year and I know that’s made a massive difference in my professional and personal life.

  • I love being part of Indie Roller, it feels like being part of an empowering business club! I no longer feel like a lonely sole trader, there are other people out there like me and I get to interact with fellow creatives. The book alone is a fantastic reference for all things indie business. With great actionable business tips and live lessons.

  • My business has had a huge pivot in 2020 - I’ve gone from working around my daughter to taking my business full time. I truly believe without the tools shared and knowledge I’ve gained from being part of this community, I would not have had the confidence to do it. I set one of my 2020 values as ‘personal growth’ - and that’s exactly what I’ve achieved.

  • I felt I wanted to grow my business and needed guidance. Indie Roller helped me grow through support and pushing me in the right direction. I started the year with 500 followers and a couple orders a month (maybe) and now I have regular orders every week, 7(!) Patreons and am almost at 1500 followers. A lot was from hard work of course, but I truly believe being around similar minds to help guide me with Leona’s unwavering support really did help!

  • Joining Indie roller has been the best decision we've ever made for our business. It's given us the confidence to stand by our business visions and change them when we've needed too. Being part of such a supportive community for sharing the roller coaster with, has honestly been the most valuable resource we could ever have imagined.

  • Leona is my utmost inspiration. Her passion, personality, authenticity, and motivation has genuinely urged me to do things differently in my creative business. Since becoming a ‘Roller’, I was able to increase my engagement and following ten-fold. I learned to reduce the clutter and focus on what is important for my growth. Additionally, the ‘Indie Roller Handbook’ is a goldmine of inspiration on how to empower and grow my indie business and hopefully achieve wonders.

  • I’ve been in the Indie Roller community for a few years now and I consider it a non- negotiable for my biz. Leona consistently delivers resources and content that I have used over and over again to build my side-hustle into my full time gig. 2020 has been tough in many ways for indie businesses, but the sense of solidarity and community in the spaces that Leona curates is priceless.

  • I've been a member of Indie Roller since September 2018. I joined to learn all I needed to know to set up an online product based business. The learning was invaluable, but the level of support and realness in the group was so refreshing to other business coaching and mentoring I've seen in the past. The support you receive from both Leona and the ever growing community of amazing small businesses is incredible. I am 18 months into my business now, and the growth and success is massively down to Indie Roller, it goes without saying!

  • Running your own Indie Biz can be an isolating experience and being part of the Indie Roller Membership has been the perfect antidote to this. If you are looking for a safe space with an authentic voice and genuine support this is the place you’ll find it. A community that provides answers to questions, offers support and a mentor that can be a guide when you are not quite sure which way to turn. If you’re fortunate enough to have come across Indie Roller, then you’ll find yourself even luckier when you become a part of the Indie Roller world!

  • Indie Roller has made a huge difference this year - it's made me feel incredibly connected to other creative business owners and feel that I have a safe space to ask even the smallest of questions! The community is so generous with sharing ideas and people are always willing to help out. Leona has a wealth of experience and is incredibly generous with her time and knowledge. She is always coming up with new things for us to try, prompts to encourage us to develop our businesses and keeps the group really active so there's always something new to learn or get involved in.

  • Indie Roller feels like a cheerful, helpful, truthful and warm embrace to me as a business start up. I could not have wished for more from Leona and the Indie Rollers! My self doubts as a new business owner were met with comforting words from this amazing group of independent businesses. If you’re thinking of joining, don’t think, just join and you will never look back!
    Thank you Leona and Rollers for being there on this roller coaster epic journey of mine and for helping my business grow from strength to strength!

  • Indie Roller has truly transformed how I think, feel and act in my business. And it has connected me to so many lovely people! I didn't know how much I needed Indie Roller until I realised Leona had given me confidence (and permission!) to draw and make what is in my heart.

  • Since becoming an Indie Roller member everything seems far less scary - in fact, now anything feels possible. Leona’s knowledge on all things indie business is incredible and the community she has created really feels like we are all in this together. I’ve learnt so much and I’m excited to see where I can take my business to next.

  • Indie Roller is the digital equivalent of working in an office full of small business experts. When you find yourself getting stuck with an issue or second guessing something about your business, you know you can reach out and the community will be there with whatever you need - advice, support or even just to be your personal cheerleader. Indie Roller is a huge part of my business and I’m proud to be a part of the community.

  • I don't mean to be dramatic (well, actually...usually I do) but Indie Roller has made running my business this year a thousand times better. The constant support and cheerleading from fellow creatives, the education from experts, the FRIENDS I have made. Cannot wait to be part of the community in 2021.

  • After launching my slow-fashion clothing label in June 2020, I was struggling to gain traction, be visible to my target market and find advice and support while starting out as a new business. Finding the Indie Roller community has been a lifeline for me. Just knowing I'm not alone in the things I find challenging and finding validation that the highs and lows are all part of the ride has given me a new-found sense of confidence in my own abilities as an indie biz owner.

  • I joined Indie Roller from day one and it really has been invaluable.
    Indie Roller has proved to be such a buoyant, encouraging and positive space, community and resource. I can head straight to the Indie Roller Handbook, round tables or hub to learn and develop my business confidence and knowledge, or to the online community to sound off ideas, ask for recommendations for suppliers, help others, and also to simply have a chat and a laugh with other people in the same headspace who just ‘get’ what you do as a creative! I see the other members as my virtual colleagues now.