I'm a huge fan of podcasts and have recently enjoyed talking on my favourite shows all about Indie Roller, playing by your own rules, making mistakes and telling the truth about being a creative company of one.  Please let me know what resonates!

  • S5 E01: Leona Thrift-ola, Indie Roller

    Small and Mighty by Sam Burgess

    In the first episode of the new season I chat with Leona Thrift-ola, founder of Indie Roller and the most requested guest I have ever had! A woman after my own heart, and chatting with Leona felt like I had found a kindred spirit. With 17 years in business, Leona is a font of knowledge and in this episode, we chat all about vulnerability in business, feeling like you’re ‘failing’, changing business direction when your heart isn’t in it anymore and of course, the power and pitfalls of Instagram! A must-listen for anyone who has feared they weren’t enough.

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  • Escape The Burn Out Loop with Leona Thrift-ola

    Babe Behind The Brand

    Leona Thrift-ola is the Founder of Indie Roller and she’s amazing at launching new products, building community & inspiring others to step into their creative genius. Take a listen to her amazing ‘Babe Behind The Brand’ podcast episode & mini workshop on ‘3 Tips on How to Escape The Burnout Loop’.

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  • Playing By Your Own Rules When Running A Creative Business

    The Business Proposal Podcast

    Break out of the business burnout loopWork out your own measures of successPut yourself first while still promoting your businessCreating boundaries in your business and life. Finding your niche.

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  • Playing By Your Own Rules When Building a Business

    Make A Plan, Make It Happen by Josephine Brooks

    In this episode Leona and I discuss some of the most prolific online business myths and ‘rules’. Leona’s big thing is playing by your own rules and feeling ok about making mistakes that you can learn from. After all, as Leona says in this episode - running your business is a tweak-athon.

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  • Finding Your Purpose

    Ads For Success by Amanda Perry

    In this episode, the wonderful Leona Thrift-Ola joins me to discuss business, life and finding your purpose. From selling 'pink unicorn necklaces' on her market stall 15 years ago, to being voted one of the top 10 business advisors in the UK, Leona is as smart as she is caring and you do not want to miss what she has to share!

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  • Failing Well with Leona Thrift-ola

    Finding Your Space: The Podcast by Ray Dodd

    Leona has been in the Indie Business game since before social media began. Her journey is an utterly fascinating one. We talk about her early businesses, the failures she encountered and how discovering this getting comfortable with what’s going on on the inside has changed everything for her.

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  • Leona Thrift-ola, Founder of Indie Roller and Lucky Dip Club // 15 years in business

    The One Girl Band Podcast by Lola Hoad

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    Blogtacular podcast by Kat Molesworth

    Our guest this week is Leona Thrift-Ola the creative entrepreneur behind Lucky Dip Club. Leona launched her first online shop in 2002 before Topshop had even taken the plunge. With her first sale chalked up in her sleep Leona was hooked. We discuss the development of her businesses over the last 14 years. Why she’s let past businesses go, the future for Lucky Dip Club and playing by your own rules.

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