The Indie Roller Podcast

The Indie Roller podcast peeks into the everyday lives of people running their own businesses. From jewellery makers to graphic designers, ceramicists to food entrepreneurs; a movement of small businesses who are making a living from the seeds of ideas in their heads.

  • Getting Organised for Christmas with Emily Fox

    Indie Roller Podcast • Episode 48

    Emily Fox from Skull And Cross Buns talks about preparing for her 13th Christmas of trading. The business usually takes 75-80% of their yearly trade in Q4 with people wanting to create perfect finishing touches for Xmas with their stamp range - so its a big deal for them.

    Emily has learnt a lot over the years - what's worked, what hasn't worked and she's faced big decisions like temporarily shutting online stores when they couldn't keep up with demand, major machinery breaking and stock issues.

    This episode shares many pitfalls Indie Biz owners can face and how organisation is key so you can enjoy the buzz of one of the busiest times of the year! You don't need to panic this Christmas. Get organised so you can have fun!

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  • Prep For Christmas Your Way with Rebecca Lismer

    Indie Roller Podcast • Episode 47

    Rebecca Lismer, AKA Pigeon, is the one woman powerhouse behind The Pigeon's Nest. She is a fibre artist, crochet designer and content creator, who wants you...yes find the fun and make it FUNdamental in your day to day.

    We continue the Christmas chinwag and encourage you to do it YOUR way. This includes starting prep as early as you want to and setting cut-off times that suit you.

    Bex shares how she chunks down what want to do. Starting by gathering her own Christmas data at the end of January; making from February, getting her ducks in a row behind the scenes in August and marketing from September.

    Cherry pick from Pigeon's workflow, add it to a timeline that works for YOU and know that communication is the magic ingredient.

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  • Christmas in July with Nerrisa Pratt

    Indie Roller Podcast • Episode 46

    Nerrisa Pratt is the founder of Untld Project and she lives and breathes independent business as well as being a big-time craft enthusiast. She likes to stay busy and also runs The Bargello Edit a retro inspired craft kits brand for the modern maker.

    We start the episode by asking the question: What is Christmas in July?

    Then relate it to indie businesses at the different stages from newbie to established.

    Takeaways include:

    ✏️ How to reach out to magazines / journalists.

    ✏️ Time frame and key dates.

    ✏️ Planning and strategy.

    ✏️ Getting over the the fear of rejection to take action.

    Have a notepad and pen at the ready whilst listening to jot down your action plan. So much good stuff! And this is just a fraction of what goes on inside the membership which in July is focusing on coaching our members to prepare for and have a panic-free Christmas this year.

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