The Indie Roller Podcast

The Indie Roller podcast peeks into the everyday lives of people running their own businesses. From jewellery makers to graphic designers, ceramicists to food entrepreneurs; a movement of small businesses who are making a living from the seeds of ideas in their heads.

  • Scrolling Less to Create Success

    Indie Roller

    Today I'm sharing my biggest win of 2021 and that's how I've scrolled less and spent more time creating.

    I discuss the two types of scrolling and how one can be useful and the other isn't. The unuseful unintentional scrolling is part of a wider problem where we can find ourselves consuming more than we are creating which can lead to comparison and imposter syndrome. A heady mix that serves none of us.

    Have a notepad and pencil handy to create your own Creative Business Clock which is a tool I share so you can start to make sense of the time you have available and how you would like to spend it.

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  • Making Sense of Creative Business

    Indie Roller

    Growing a creative business can feel like you can't catch up with a toddler who is running away from you. You feel like you don't quite have control of the situation which is both scary and in the long run: tiring.

    So I have spent a lot of time thinking about how we can make sense of our businesses to create an experience for ourselves where we feel in control most of the time and more calm.

    I asked myself: What core areas can we pay attention to? And how do those areas fit together?

    Creative business is a jumbo jigsaw. We can see what it looks like on the outside of the box and we have all the pieces inside the box. It's now time to put it together.

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  • My Creative Business and Me

    Indie Roller

    We rarely pause to consider the relationship we have with ourselves as a creative business owner. Our relationship with ourself is created by how we think about ourselves and the quality of those thoughts. The quality of those thoughts will impact the businesses we create.

    In this first of 8 solo episodes Leona will be exploring mindset work in the creative business world.

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