Digital Bootcamp Top-Up: Self-doubt, Imposter Syndrome and Comparison


Over a four month period during lockdown, 382 Indie Biz owners took part in the Indie Roller Digital Bootcamp.

You know I always say running an Indie Biz is about settling into your journey, experimenting and having fun! In the spirit of this, many of you will have more questions than when you started (yes you know that one!) so I’ve created a one hour session to delve into those knowledge gaps so you can get unstuck and keep moving your business forward step by step.

This session spotlights a trio of subjects that probably came up the most during our time together: Self-doubt, imposter syndrome and comparison.

We will dive into different ways to build your self-belief from within, how to prioritise yourself within your business and practical ways to dissolve comparison.

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I’ll start the session with a 10 minute talk to share 3 strategies to notice, accept and apply logic to your self-doubt thoughts. Then we’ll move onto a group coaching session and answer your questions.

The one hour strategy session will be hosted live on Zoom at 11am on Wednesday 26th August. The recording will be e-mailed to all participants that afternoon. You don’t have to attend live to make the most of it, you can submit your question before the session.

In the interests of every person being able to engage I have limited each session to 40 spaces. Book now!