Indie Roller News – Quarterly Subscription

£14.99 every 3rd month

The Indie Roller News is a myth busting, truth telling and secret sharing trade newspaper for Indie Biz owners.

Every issue will be bursting with inspiring behind-the-scenes stories; strategy and ideas from leading experts, coaches and mentors; trusted reviews; practical self-care; a no-nonsense financial section; collaboration call-outs; Dear Kat agony aunt column and more!

It’s your regular dose of motivation, encouragement and golden nuggets to power up from.

Our core belief is: you can do this the way YOU want to. Every single news story, feature, column and pep talk will be delivered with truth, freedom and individuality with YOU the Indie Biz owner at the heart of the piece.

It’s a trade newspaper created by the community for the community so once signed up for your sub get in touch to get involved!



😍 A rolling subscription to receive one copy of the Indie roller News each quarter.. 

😍 Free postage within the UK.

😍 Issues will be sent out at the: end of March, end of June, end of September and end of December.

😍 The Indie Roller News is 48 pages, full colour and tabloid size.

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