Q2 Planning Workshop & Social


On Saturday 23rd March from 1pm to 4pm in London. We’ll meet at Kings Cross St Pancras station at midday.

In just one afternoon you will decide:

1, Your dialled in marketing and selling plan for April, May and June.

2, Where the money will actually come from and the actions that need to be completed.

3, Which top or middle of funnel actions you will weave in – I will show you a practical way to decide this, not based on what you feel like doing.

4, The time you need to allocate to make sure you get it done.

5, An opportunity to connect with your fellow joyful sellers for the afternoon.

The investment is affordable at £39.

The start time is in the afternoon so you can travel down on the day and avoid overnight costs.


Meet up for lunch with other attendees at 12 noon GMT where we’ll have the opportunity to chat about the first quarter of the year – what worked, what didn’t, what we’re celebrating and what we’re chalking up to a learning experience.

Go for a drink and social afterwards to have more of an informal opportunity to chat about business and life.

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