Selling Online for Artists and Makers – November



LIVE SESSIONS ARE: 3rd, 5th, 10th, 12th, 17th and 19th of November from 10am to 12 noon via Zoom. A link to join the Zoom will be e-mailed to you after you go through checkout.

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Selling Online for Artists and Makers

A dynamic online course taught live by the founder of Indie Roller which explores digital marketing and revenue streams to build your brand, amplify your voice and connect with your target customers. Over 3 weeks we map your ideas into an actionable framework that fits the way YOU want to work.

About your course leader, Leona Thrift-ola

“In 2019, after 15 years being a product-based creative business, I challenged myself to spend the year making a living from creating non-physical products. I explored many virtual, digital and online avenues to create the work I felt passionate about and build my audience. This course now brings together selling online with both physical and virtual products that focuses on growing a memorable brand that’s loved by it’s customers which you enjoy running. My overarching intention is to inspire you to work smarter not harder from a place of joy, profit and purpose.”

How the course unfolds

We gather twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am to 12 noon on Zoom – you can have your camera switched on or off, it’s up to you. I share my screen with a 30 to 45 minute workshop which is followed by a group coaching session. I hold the space so it’s comfortable, inclusive and non-judgemental. The recording is then accessible via the Indie Roller website for 7 days along with your course materials which include workbooks, checklists, tip sheets and further reading recommendations.

Week one: Mindset, Branding and Visibility

You can learn all the practical and technical information but so often it’s mindset, connecting with your ‘why’ and understanding the impact of visibility that can be the crucial missing links to successfully building an online audience and selling. I walk through how and why it’s essential to share with personal insight, how to hone your ‘voice’ and become a storyteller with boundaries and ease.

Week Two: Digital Marketing

We create a digital marketing framework for your business so you know who you’re talking to, what you’re talking about, where you’re doing it, why it matters, how it works and when to do it. Phewee! Sounds a lot doesn’t it so the goal of this workshop is to simplify the process by taking the ‘ick’ out of marketing funnels and encouraging you to experiment with the process to find your sweet spot between content planning and being in the moment.

Week Three: Digital Revenue Streams

We delve into selling through social media, online marketplaces, third party platforms and your own website. What can work best for you and what might your roadmap for growth look like. We also spotlight a variety of digital ideas and strategies that can recycle the work you’ve already created whilst tapping into your zone of genius.  In our final session we bring your framework together which starts with your business vision, works through your marketing funnels, is aware of your fears and challenges, wraps up your content pillars and inspires you to take action!