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Here's the replay of our free workshop: Leona's Ultimate Guide to Working ON Your Business.

The follow-up session will be posted into the membership next week and we are OPEN for new members until midday Saturday 27th February. All the details are HERE and you can enrol HERE.

Feedback from the session so far...

'Thank you so much for the session tonight. It was spot on and just what I needed. My takeouts:  Stop scrolling! - yes please, it makes me feel bleurgh Fail forwards - perfect, mistakes are the best way to learn and I need to stop feeling terrified of making them. Pro active, not reactive - I need to take back control of my biz and guide it where I want to go.'

'Wow thank you for that inspired workshop Leona, a lot of it definitely rang true for me. I've just signed up for indie roller membership and I really am looking forward to getting stuck in.'

'Thanks for the workshop , it’s been really inspiring!  Totally need to set myself longer timelines!'

'Thank you so much for the workshop tonight! It was great, really inspiring and made me realise I have a LOT to think about...'

'Absolutely great session. Lifted my spirits. Thank you!'

'Thank you SO much for that chat tonight! I basically sat the whole time just being like 'THAT'S ME' 'I DO THAT'!!'

'I enjoyed tonight’s session, thank you!  Whatever stage we are at in our businesses you are always there, reminding us to re-focus and pause when we need to.  I’m starting to see that I am where I need to be and slowly but surely becoming more confident in what I have to offer. I’ve always felt like a Jack of all trades and master of one, but I am getting there with mindset!'

'Me again! Absolutely loved the session, myself and my boyfriend watched together!'

'Good morning! Just woken up here (I was dreaming about your live last night 😊  and being a member)  the zoom meeting last night was so informative and I really enjoyed it.'